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Thread: British boy to US to finish education - how?

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    I need advice on helping a (just) 17 year old boy in England who I want to get to the US to finish his education - both HS and college.

    He comes from a lower middle class London suburb, his father, who was an abusive drunk, committed suicide about 18 months ago, his mother's boyfriend and two children live with he and his mom, the boyfriend is also somewhat abusive and now his mother has told him that he has to pay rent, utilities and for food or he has to leave.

    He would have to drop out of school to stay there, where he's not wanted anyway.

    He would EAT UP an opportunity to have an American education and a chance to become something other than a factory worker with no HS (college for them) degree.

    I am the mother of a 16 year old girl, divorced and my exhusband and I remain very close. We live and work all within about 5 miles of each other, my daughter sees him everyday. We are not a "broken home/family" - we are simply just rearranged.

    This boy needs a father figure. He would reside with my X in the neighboring town so he and my girl wouldn't go to school together - could be too much for both and he deserves a chance to build his own independence. He would go to a stellar public HS in that town, live by the beach, experience being just a kid for a couple of years and finally attain some stability.

    He needs this to become a good man.

    We would be a "host" family - a "foster" family - whatever.....does anyone have ANY advice?

    MANY thanks - I need to start this ASAP as he's going to be homeless there and I can't stand the thought of it.

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    You need to get a private high school to enroll him and provide a Form I-20 so he can apply for an F-1 Student visa. No other way.

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    Really? He HAS to go private? Do you know why?

    Thanks so much for your feedback - he's such a good kid and he needs a family - one that will STAY in his life.

    Also, I have heard that IF a child is put out after age 17 in the UK, he is automatically emancipated. Ever heard of that?

  4. #4
    Originally posted by madisonmom:
    Really? He HAS to go private? Do you know why?

    Thanks so much for your feedback - he's such a good kid and he needs a family - one that will STAY in his life.

    Also, I have heard that IF a child is put out after age 17 in the UK, he is automatically emancipated. Ever heard of that?
    In order for him to attend public school here in the US you would have to formally adopt him.
    “...I may condemn what you say, but I will give my life for that you may say it”! - Voltaire

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    The F-1 Student visa is unavailable to students who attend public high schools. At age 17 you would not be able to adopt him in time to attend high school.

  6. #6
    Ah - ok. Thanks for the clarification on the private/pubic thing.

    That makes things much more complicated.

    However, there are some good private HS's around here that have great scholarship programs.

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    Either he himself would have to qualify for an F1 visa or you would have to formally adopt him then apply for him to come here as your son. There's no such thing as a mentor visa.
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    such a goodie 2 shows, why don't you start giving such wonderful opportunities to your own people first? I wonder what's really behind all this. I suggest you get an unwanted boy from: the Ozarks, or some mining miserable town in W. VA or PA, anywhere from the South...should I keep going?

  9. #9
    I KNOW this boy - he's a friend of my daughter's.

    And, no - you shouldn't keep going.

    This isn't some sort of "news thread" and trolling asses are not only unnecessary and classless but also arrogant and reportable.

    BTW, what's a "goodie 2 shows"? See?

    Move on - you're unnecessary here.

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    As a Brit with a 16 yr old that lives in the US, I can tell you this, HS here is a different system and curriculum to what they have there.
    I doubt he will be able to get in one anyway under F1 because of his age. Some States like mine, require that the child does his junior year in HS to be able to graduate, unless there is sufficient paperwork and grades etc from foreign school.

    How well is he doing in HS over there? Has he got any qualifications? (GCSE)?

    One of my younger brothers from London, did come over here as a student after he finished school in England. He also had a schloarship (sport).
    He had to have a certain GPA and other requirements to get into college here. He went through a system where his qualifications (GCSE) was translated to the American system.
    It was not easy.
    He also had to do a year or more (can't remember) of American History.

    He isn't losing out on a chance of further education or a good one, he can in England.

    If he wants a better chance in coming to the US as a student, he would be better off getting as many qualifications as he can there first. Even if he goes to Tech college etc.
    If he is 17 I gather he is in lower 6th form now or about to be? He is best to stay on school.

    If his mother does throw him out, he will be able to get help. It isn't like the US.

    For some reason as mentioned above, I feel there is more to this story. Is he a relative?
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