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Thread: If USC loses his citizenship, will he be deported?

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    If naturalized USC loses the citizenship, will he be given a GC or deported?

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    If naturalized USC loses the citizenship, will he be given a GC or deported?

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    Why would anyone loose their citizenship?! If it was because that the person lied in the application. Surely the person will be deported.

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    a naturalized citizen can loose his or her citizenship anytime (no statute of limition) if it was obtained under fraudelent circumstances and other reasons warrant that this person may never qualify for such a privelege (such as murder, crimes against humanity etc.).

    A natural born citizen may loose citizenship under certain circumstances (such as then s/he alliances with the enemy during war-time, states in fron of a State deprt.,BCIS officer or judge that s/he want to denounce citizenship).

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    You can also renounce the American citizzenship yourself.

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    I've heard of this being done for immigration/legal issues, but has any USC ever denounced citizenship for a personal or political reason?

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    some very rich people have denounced their U.S. citizenship in order not to be obliged to pay U.S. taxes. Others have denounced their citizenship to flee to another country (which citizenship they have also obtained or re-gained, to be immune from criminal procedure here - if that other country does not have an agreement with the U.S.).

    Usually then a former USC looses his citizenship, the right to remain (or return) to the USC must be established in the same way as for any alien:
    - under circumstances such as the ones above, a reentry to the U.S. is next to impossible.
    - mlder cases would need a qualifying visa to enter

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