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Thread: K-1 visa Matter(overstay)

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    Immigration Lawyer`s needed please. I am an African living in Germany.I met my now fiancee a USC online last year June.Been communicating since via e-mail,phone,post mail and online chat.We build a love together and very much wanted to meet.Eventually,she came over to Germany and we spent 10 days.A memorable 10 days that have remained indelible in our hearts.The meeting solidified our relationship and we plan to get it married.

    Now my USC fiancee would submit petition for K-1 soon.But my fears is that as I have overstayed in Germany,would it creat any problem to amount to visa denial into US when I attend interview at my home country?

    Thanks for your anticipated response.

  2. #2
    Your overstay in Germany has nothing to do with your application with INS. Just finish up the process and go to your home country for interview.

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    as a resident of Germany you will need to produce a "Fuehrungszeugnus" for the INS, a criminal history sheet, and you may or may not get in trouble for your overstay in Germany with the local authorities (possibly the Auslaenderamt).

    Otherwise, your overstay in Germany should not interfere with your U.S. k-1 visa. Good luck!

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    I thank you very much for the replies.But regarding the criminal sheet,I consulted a lawyer here he said since I am currently not a legal resident,the police won`t be able to give me such a paper.

    But I am glad to know that the consequent overstay would not count against my interview for the K-1.

    If you have advise,please do not hesitate to write me. God bless.

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    good luck to ya. my fiancee is from tanzania, and i am now in the waiting line for a fiancee visa. just sue, where is your fiance live, that will determine the processing speed for the k1 visa. i am in nebraska waiting line and god are they slow. vermont is the fastest. so the sooner he gets going on the k1 the faster you will be together. again best wishes

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