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Thread: affordable attorney

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    are there any attorneys that can assist in immigration matters that dont charge hundreds of dollars for local calls...Chicagoland area email

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    are there any attorneys that can assist in immigration matters that dont charge hundreds of dollars for local calls...Chicagoland area email

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    What do you mean about charging hundreds of dollars for local calls? Many (if not most) immigration attorneys charge a "flat fee" for many of the services they provide. Making local calls should be included in that fee (in fact, even for long-distance and international calls, the most I ever do is ask clients to reimbursement for the phone-bill charges; the time I spend on the call is covered by the flat fee). Sounds like your attorney may be charging you using an hourly rate; depending on the rate, even a short call can quickly add up to a lot of money. Any chance you could talk to them about a flat fee? At least then, you would know what the total cost to you would be . . . . If that doesn't work, you should be able to find an immigration attorney willing to work on a flat fee basis fairly easily (unless you have a complicated case, such as a deportation or significant criminal past, which would might make coming up with a fair flat fee too difficult for the lawyer to do).

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    Lawyers are mutha****as. Go with a non-profit agency. Here:

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    Good! Give lawyers the shaft!

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    Non-profit agencies are fine, and usually do a good job, but they usually have financial guidelines (i.e., if you make more than a specified amount, you might not qualify). If you don't qualify, then you should still be able to find a good, qualified lawyer for a fair price. Just make sure you shop around a little; call several attorneys in your area and ask them to give you at least an estimate for your type of case.

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    Also, FYI, a lot of non-profits won't help with employment-based cases (theory being that someone with an employer to sponsor them can usually come up with a higher fee, and mission of non-profit is to help those most in need). It's ok to ask, but be prepared for a rejection. On the other end of the spectrum, some non-profits will handle a VAWA or asylum case for free or very little money, and most charge really low fees for everything else. My personal favorite non-profit (and one I volunteer with) is Catholic Social Services.

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    Immigration attorneys are all liars!

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