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Thread: Happy Birthday Mian!

  1. #1
    Happy Birthday Darling! I love you too much!

  2. #2
    Belated happy birth day .... Mian ....

    May Allah keep you both happy and bring lots of happiness and (smiles) everyday ...Pasha

  3. #3
    Please do not mention Allah and other terrorists on this board. Have some respect for the victims of 9/11 and our boys figting those people.

  4. #4
    Dear Michael ...

    The way you hate terrorist, I do the same way ...even more than you could ever do ... coz I also lost one of my relatives in terrorist attack .... Bomb blasts in Bombay .... But my request to you ... don't discriminate GOD .... Its just another name ....

    God = Allah = Bhagvan ( Hindu God) = Budda = all those people believe in ... from different parts of world ...

    Thank you... Pasha

  5. #5

  6. #6
    Happy Birthday to Mian...happy birthday to youuuuu

  7. #7
    Thanks guys. He'll be home later to read this read.

    He just started training yesterday on his new job. We are with the same company now, where we met, where we got married.

  8. #8
    Mubarkan Jee! Main sahib.

    Pasha: This is not Michael,only. Many in the world have no idea. its not his mistake

  9. #9

  10. #10
    Salam Valekum Mian Sahib ...

    it was fun chatting with u that day .... Just wanted to tell I had a great time chatting with u ...Pasha

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