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Thread: H1B1 Visa

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    I am a citizen of Chile and have an offer from an American employer to work in the US. Can I apply for an H1B1 while in the US. I have been here illegally for a very long time

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    I am a citizen of Chile and have an offer from an American employer to work in the US. Can I apply for an H1B1 while in the US. I have been here illegally for a very long time

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    Why should American citizens give a $hit about you and an H1B? You are stealing a job, no doubt for low wage (and high fraud) -- and no, you won't be able to legally change to an H1B so you'll just have to keep working illegally, cleaning out enema bag hoses...what a piece of lowlife slime you are....and you wonder why some Chileans have difficulty getting tourist visas? It's because of $hitbag$ like of course you tell me how 'smart' and 'hard working' you are compared to the rest of America...but if you're so FN smart, why are you an illegal alien $hitbag? Hmmm? Not so smart, I guess.

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    This is likely the very same employer for whom you're currently working illegally...and, as someone12 says, stealing a job from an American.

    In any event, you cannot obtain an H1-B visa while remaining in America. It does seem, however, that your country of origin requires all of its citizens to return home to help with rebuilding.

  5. #5
    What a sad existence Someone12 and SunDevilUSA live! Lingering around the forum, waiting for someone to post a question so they can jump down their throat with some stupid, repetitive comment about how they should return to their country and blah blah blah....

    Do you really think you're making a difference when it comes to Illegal Immigration in this country? Do you think people are going to stop coming because of your stupid comments? There are 12 million of us here... And guess what?! We are not going anywhere!!!!!!!

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    Mauricio proves, yet again, the arrogance of illegal aliens. This is why the American people will NEVER agree to an amnesty.

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    OK mauricio....why not post your address and the name and address of your $hitbag employer, and we'll let ICE decide whether or not you get to stay in MY country...come on...let's see how brave you are 'right' you think you are.....your ba.lls are the size of baby peas...while your countrymen are coping with the earthquake, you're cleaning toilets in MY country and you are so dumb you can't figure out why no patriotic American citizen gives a $hit about you and some phony H1B....tell you what....let's have this conversation in person...on the steps of the ICE office nearest you....I'll even fly there to watch that donkey-like grin get wiped from your sorry chilean face when the ICE officials escort your worthless culo to the airport....

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    Your are required to apply at the Embassy in Chile for the H1B visa this application CANNOT be sumbitted from within the U.S. You must LEAVE in order to apply and have legal status in the U.S good luck my friend

  10. #10
    good news Maurio - figuring you are just stupid enough to have posted your real first name, I have forwarded your postings to the Kentucky Consular Center, where H1B applications are sent electronically for fraud reviews...and also to our embassy in you'll get a warm welcome when you decide to try and bluff your way through an have a real nice day.

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