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Thread: Thanks Umesh! But could you suggest if...?

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    Umesh! Thanks for your suggestion. But could you tell me if it is possible that if my fiancee (she is a doctor and preparing for USMLE) can get F-1 Visa (If I get her enrolled in MPH degree program) and enter in USA and then we get marry here even if I have GC by then. In that case what would be the next step. Can I apply for her for adjustment of status from F-1 to another so she can get GC and stay here. Is there any other problem in this kind of approach since INS has so many rullings in recent time period that I am not sure if any one with student visa can actually change his or her status and in short time period because I am thinking if she gets here on F-1 then I can just get marry and file for her with in a month of her arrival. Please! You and any other expert's opinion and suggestion would be really appreciated.

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    whats your status? you are a LPR?

  3. #3
    if she is a doctor, why does she need an F1? what is she going to "study"? Or is this just a ploy to bring her to the US while you await your gc?
    The embassy will want to know why she needs to "study" - and will probably figure out the real reason for her request.

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    also, for her to qualify for an F1 visa, she has to convince the embassy that she would return to her country after her studies....and from what you wrote, this does not sound like what is really going on. She will probably have a difficult time even qualifying for any student visa.

  5. #5
    Thank you guys for your help

  6. #6
    In your dreams, Vikant, in your dreams!

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    If your fiance is Doctor then you should try for her Residency here on H Visa. When she comes to the U.S.A., you should not rush for marriage, let it take couple of months before you get married. If you will get married, immediately after her arrival then Immigration will be suspecious. If you will let 3 -4 months, passed then it will look more natural.
    Good luck.

  8. #8
    Good, Umesh.

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