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    What kind of job? Is the job related to your degrees? Are the degrees from universities in Uzbekistan? Are you willing to move?

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    I understand how you feel. But don't give up! First of all....check back your RESUME. Does it catchy? Does it make you outstanding? It is very important that your resume look great, but it must be simple. Use strong words. You can search how to make good resume through internet search.

    I was looking for a job about 3 weeks with about 100 resumes out! Through internet, mail and fax. Within 3 weeks I started get calls from companies for interview. I hate to register with temp agencies coz' they seems too picky. But I know my capabilities.

    You also cannot demand when you first get your job coz' you have to remember that they try to reduce the salary because they know that we're a greencard holder. Take the job and gain your experience then after a year or two get another job with better salary.

    You have to think positive and never give up. Proof to them that you a worth for the job. I was offered with a slightly below salary, but within 3 months my boss increase it and I am proud to say that he admitted he never have such an efficient assistant as me before

    Good luck and all the best in your job hunting.

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    Maximum....try or yahoo job ... in the listing you can tell whether its from the agency or direct from the company.

    Do mail the letter....coz' by mail it, it give more impact rather than email. After a week, call the company and ask whether they received your letter. Best of luck!

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    Hang in there maxi, 3 weeks isn't long. most realtors i send my resume to take a month or more to reply.

    when i post my resume on the net, i get ATTACKED by temp agencies trying to recruit me. my problem with temp agencies is taking the skills tests. you need to be TIGHT on your skills to take those tests. the levels are infinite so the more you know, the better. DON'T take a word processing test not knowing how to mail merge, get my drift? someone else who DOES know will get the job.

    me2, employees really pay less when you have green card? that's not fare, especially when women make less than men here ANYWAY!
    Sweet Madame Belu

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    What about getting a job as a teacher? You should be able to get temporary spots pretty easily. As for full time work, you probably need some sort of American certification, right? Also, could you get work as a translator or liaison with companies that deal with your country?


    Why would being a greencard holder cause employers to reduce your salary? I've hired lots of gc holders. Most of the time I never even knew they were a gc holder. When an employee starts with me they have to sign an I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification). They can give me a driver's license and a ssn card and they are good to go. I would have no idea they were an alien unless they told me. There is no requirement by USCIS for them to disclose to me that they have a green card (in fact, the I-9 specifically states "Employers CANNOT specify which document(s) they will accept from an employee" among the list of acceptable documents).

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    I would imagine that this would not be the most ideal time for people to be looking at resumes. The last 3 weeks mean you are looking at Dec 9-30. This is probably the worst period of the whole year. I'd give it a bit before I started worrying about the quality of your resume. I agree with your friends.

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    Are you tied to Milwaukee for a particular reason? Is this where your wife works? Maybe you could consider a larger more happening city?

    Isn't this where Laverne and Shirley used to work? Schlimiel, schlimazel, hasenpfeffer, incorporated.... Doin' it oooour way yes ouuuur way... Make all our dreams co-o-o-o-me true..

    If you're wondering.. this was a '70s sitcom. If you're still wondering about the opening line...

    According to both the Kosher Nosh: Yiddish Dictionary and the American Heritage Dictionary, schlemiel is a habitual bungler and schlimazel is an unlucky person. Hasenpfeffer is a peppery rabbit stew of German origin. But, I digress.

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    Did you read my post:

    Need I-9 expert help please

    You just answered all my questions.

    The other day I did a phone interview and they asked me for MY green card. I am a USC. I asked her why she was asking and she said because of my last name. Isn't this discrimination?

    By the way, hubby never gave his boss a copy of his green card. He is still working there, he never got fired for not showing the g.c.

    This is definitely the WORST time of year to look for a job. Especially in admininstrative or bookkeeping due to W-2's and tax season.

    Usually an adminstrator will see the year out before they leave a job, which is nearer February and March.

    As far as retail goes, after January 1st, everyone gets laid off.
    Sweet Madame Belu

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