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Thread: SSN "?" to Me2

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    What docs did they require from you for the SSN application ?

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    What docs did they require from you for the SSN application ?
    SEMPER VIPER / Army Strong!

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    Scroll down and it tells you what you need

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    Yep, I was right there when I was typing this question, there are bunch of things they want or can accept, I was wondering what Me2 used for the application.
    SEMPER VIPER / Army Strong!

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    Hi Bushmaster,

    The most important thing you must have is your:-

    1. EAD card
    2. Passport
    3. Any two identity cards that show the name that you want to use in the SS card. (in my case I just used one thats all. You can use your driving license too.

    I typed the SS-5 form in the internet (fillabe form), its looked neat. But just in case I brought along my Birth Certificate and marriage cert but I did not show it to her.

    As long as you have your EAD and passport and any ID card that can confirm that is you, you won't have problem.

    Good luck

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    Hmmm, that is not good because my passport is with the INS, they won't give it back until the case is closed. **** I don't even know if they still have it. I didn't have a driver license either. Oh well...

    I have my original birth cert. sample and translation. Hopefully will have EAD soon, have marriage cert. ITIN card, health insurance card, life insurance policy. Have a very old school ID but I don't think it would acceptable since it is old and not in English. We will figure something out. Thanks...
    SEMPER VIPER / Army Strong!

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    Brother you should come to Michigan. You can get a DL with two IDs here! Without SS card! But the thing that ****s is you dont have the PP. IF you did, all you needed was your BC and you would have gotten it!

    Hope everything is well at your end! Take care brother, my prayers are with you

  8. #8
    Hi Tommy!

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