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Thread: LULAC

  1. #1
    Has anyone been approved via LULAC? File has been transferred to local office, but no word yet. Anyone knows how long transfers typically take?

  2. #2
    Has anyone been approved via LULAC? File has been transferred to local office, but no word yet. Anyone knows how long transfers typically take?

  3. #3
    Not that I know off. In my own case, I didn't even get the EAD yet and its been more than 120 days. I heard someone (also LULAC) is scheduled for interview late October though.

  4. #4
    I am a LULAC class member and I filed my I485 under Life Act in september of 2001. I had my fingerprint in january 2002, and interview in March of 2002 at the chicago office. I haven't heard from them since then and there is no way of checking the status. The national customer service of INS doesn't have access to the cases pending at the districe offices. It's really a lousy situation and all one can do is wait for the incompetent and lazy workers of INS to process your application. If any one got their case approved under life Legalization act, please post.

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    Are you able to travel since you've had your interview?

  6. #6
    I can only travel with Advance Parole.

  7. #7
    Being a member of LULAC, even with advance parole granted, it DOES NOT GUARANTEE that you can get back into the US. The reason being, if you had violated any INS rules such as being out of status at any one time, or have worked when you were not supposed to work, etc......any of these tiny violations will keep you outside the US with the 3 year or 10 year bans. Once you leave the US and try to re-enter, INS can find an excuse to keep you out. So it would be in your best interest to wait until you are granted your residency/green card before you leave the US. You have waited too long for this, you can wait a little longer and finalise your residency without risking being kept out. Think about that.

  8. #8
    Thanks for the info, I'm in no hurry to travel until unless I get my GC.

  9. #9
    Very few LIFE cases seem to be getting approved these days, even after the interview.
    This is a developing problem.

  10. #10
    I agree. I've also been checking the message board, and no one there seems to have had their legalization application approved either. I submitted my application last October, had my interview this July, submitted requested paperwork last month, and I haven't heard from the INS since then.

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