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Thread: Nurse needs to get to America

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    If am a nurse from another country, how can I come to the USA in the easiest way?

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    If am a nurse from another country, how can I come to the USA in the easiest way?

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    by airplane

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    I am a nurse in the U.K. the easiest way to get to U.S is to find a sponsor (there are plenty) to get a green card. You will have to sit the NCLEX-RN exam (which is horrible) and depending on where you are from you may need to sit toefl. The whole process takes about 2 years, depending on your luck.

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    If you have a bachelor's degree and a lot of luck, then you may be able to get an H-1B or H-1C prior to filing the I-140.

  6. #6
    mmorales do you mean you file that H-1B or H-1A without a job offer?

    Nurse 2, how can I sit the NCLEX-RN exam? Do you know the site for the exam?

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    By the way, I have a bachelors degree in nursing.

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    here are your options if you are a foregin graduate nurse:
    1. to come to the US as immigrant, u have to passed the cgfns, toefl&Tse and apply for a visa screen. You will need to be sponsored by a US employer to work as a nurse.
    2. Through H-Ib, If u have atleast 5-10 yrs. experience in Nursing career or have worked in specialty area in Nursing ( E.R nurse, I.C.U nurse, O.R, etc. )
    3. Come to U.S with a Visitors visa, then apply for Nclex-rn exam, passed and then apply for a working permit ( u will also need a sponsor )
    You will always need a job offer to process your work permit in the U.S

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    LOL "sure"!

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    Ms.****et advises you to get a visitors visa, i.e. a B1B2, this is BAD advice, in order to do that you would have to lie, if you told you consultate (in you're home country) that you were getting this visa to go get you're nursing certifications then apply for a job as a nurse in the US you would 100% be denied the visa.....You can take the nursing exams from you're home country, you don't have to be in the US to get the certifications you need....Nurses are in demand in the US and so you should have no problem finding a sponser (especially as people have mentioned if you have experience in a specific area of nursing and have a degree)....Do it the right way, it's not worth breaking immigration laws in order to speed up processes, it will only come and bite you in the *** later!

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