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Thread: If alien is out of status and marries, does BCIS grant the marriage-based application

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    If an alien is rendered out of status as a result of either a withdrawn prior petition, or is rendered out of status as a result of a denied waiver, and the alien remarries another USC, then is his second application for a GC (I-130) based upon marriage to a USC considered reasonable by the BCIS?

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    If an alien is rendered out of status as a result of either a withdrawn prior petition, or is rendered out of status as a result of a denied waiver, and the alien remarries another USC, then is his second application for a GC (I-130) based upon marriage to a USC considered reasonable by the BCIS?

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    depending on the circumstances why the first petiton didn't work out - in your case it was adultery wasn't it? the alien is going to have a hard time proving the bona fida part the second time around.

    swiss, I dont' get what your problem is; you got all the answers you were looking for, what more do you want? You want blessings for your revenge? Omino dome patri, amen, here you've got it, now divorce in peace, update BCIS about it, and go on with your life!

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    Well said acelaw. I like the your opinion. This person, Swiss has all kind of questions for a long time, and even though she was told time to time that her husband is not going to come back to her and if he does, then it would be for his own benefit, but it is very much clear to me that Swiss is psycho (Sorry to use this word) because she just doesn't want to accept anything and wasting her time to do something against her husband. I never see any woman like her because she just kept asking all sorts of questions, but then no doing anything to secure herself. I know she will come here to defend herself against my comments. I think it would be waste of everyone times if anyone would answer to her post. Instead, we should all ignore any posts because what is the use of giving or sharing any information if she is not going to follow. It seems that she is here to tell her stories not to seek help for her situation. This is not a counselling forum, instead immigration forum, and the answers to her immigration questions have already been given. She is still crazy for her crazy husband. They both are same in their own ways and deserve to each other. She is very smart lady, but don't want to let it go her feelings for her husband. She has asked all sorts of questions, but did she do anything yet-NO. Nothing is reported to INS. Nothing has been filed to end the marriage. Instead, she is juggling with her sorry feelings against her husband. Her case is nothing new, it happens everyday to mostly people, but she needs to learn to move on beyond her feelings. Peace to her sorry feelings and heart.

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    Swiss, If that scenario happens. you should be jumping for joy. you will be off the hook. He will need a new sponser. But after that... you should not CARE either way what the INS will approve or not approve for him. This will be mindless revenge , pure and simple. and in the end it will destroy you because you are obsessing over it. Let it go. I know its hard becuase you were dupped by a con artist. just forgive yourself and in time you will heal.

    And its true. you have been given all the answers, now do something. make a stand and stop stradling the pole. you say finances are problem for divorce... you are smart lady, software is under $50 and filing fees for divorce are generally under $150. surely you have that. and yes for fraud and annulment if you want to win. you had better have good hard evidence/ and witness statements to have BCis and divorce court rule in your favor. BCIS will first look at your case as a wife rejected, so use facts to build your case and not " no fair" kind of mentality. Good luck

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    In my view, nobody should reply to this lady's posts anymore, because she is not her to seek help, instead to discuss her stories, miseries and hurt-feelings. Lot of folks have given her best advises on her every questions for the last couples of weeks, but she hasn't taken any step to do anything against her husband. If she still wants to hope that her husband would be back to her one day then she doesn't need or share her personal life her and wait for her husband to return back to her as per hope because any suggestions and help won't do if she doesn't want to move herself first. She is playing a mind game with all of us. One side-she wants us to be sorry for her and for her situation as she is looking a blessing from us to take a revenge on her husband in indirect way, then on the otherhand- she doesn't want to do anything because she is hoping that her husband would get back to her one day.

    If you notice all of her those questions, it seemed very clear that as if she is in immigration troublem, instead of her husband. Why she is so much worried about what would happen to husband after his case is denied or if he remarries, or does he need to go back home first before he can return back, or can he marry another USC..etc...etc. Why she has so much questions which are pertaining to her husband and not to her? Why doesn't she just report to INS and withdraw her jointly filed I-751 and file for annullment or divorce to end the marriage, and then move on, instead of having all kind of questions wherein she can not do anything anyhow. Why is still waiting to do anything? It strongly seems that she must need a psychitric help because she is not stable in mind as she is having a both ways of street.

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    notice it's the MEN who side with the husband.

    of course she is gonna hold out till the very end. i don't blame her one bit. all she wants is for her husband to love her. she has my deepest sympathy and utmost respect.

    she really needs to consult with an attorney in her state that knows divorce and immi law.

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    has nothing to do with being me(a)n!
    she's is being obsessive compulsive about it all and not taking a healthy way to deal with what has happened to her. Of course, you'll get stupid comments from the "gentle"men who are duping their own American wifes for a pinky; it is not in their interrest that swiss gets some hard solid answers that could give others clues about how to get rid off fakes like them ;-0 anydays; you fakes "will be hunted down, found and brought to justice!" now or in another life time, c ya

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