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Thread: Is it true or false

  1. #1
    i have heard that each and every person will be fingerprinted and checked for any criminal background when they will fly domestically too. i do know though about international flights, but don't know anything about domestic flights. The person who told me about this is said to hear about this on News last week. is there any confirmation on that?

  2. #2
    I read about it two weeks ago in the newspaper. INS wants the airlines to provide them with the list of passangers and their "history" but most of the airlines said they wont cooperate. They havent implemented it yet I guess they are still working on this new "security system". As far as I now, it is not implemented yet.

  3. #3
    are you talking about international flights or domestic flights? i know about this requirement for international flights but i am asking whether this requirement is applied to domestic flights too.

  4. #4
    relax. the INS won't find out about your illegal status during domestic flights if that's what you're worried about.

    -= nav =-

  5. #5
    i did not ask whether INS will find out or not about my illegal status. i simply asked that is it true that govt is taking fingerprints and checking criminal background for all the passengers bound for DOMESTIC flights too. for the record, i am not illegal.

  6. #6
    never can the "INS" ever fingerprint/photograph USC's no matter provision kicks in.

    if they tried to do that to me, i'd tell them to **** on a rotten egg.

    -= nav =-

  7. #7
    I think thats an old request/law or whatever after 9/11 on whether the govt will automatically screen people in airline passenger list against their criminal database. The airline reject at that time, but I don't know if they're doing it now, or if they reach a consensus to do it on international flight only (which they're doing right now). IIRC, no FP request at that time also. Its a moot point since with the Patriot Act the govt can technically force the airline to comply.
    I've no problem if they just do the database screening, but if FP is involved, you can bet a lot of people will start screaming

  8. #8
    i did not say that i am usc. i simply said that i am not an illegal. i also said this fingerprinting and criminal background check up for DOMESTIC flights only came to news last 10 days ago. just need a confirmation if someone knows about it

  9. #9
    Yes, they are looking at checking passengers on domestic flights and giving them a color code. Those in the wrong color code won't fly. No, it is not based on fp checks but other background checks. They were supposed to be running a pilot program with one airline who's name they won't divulge because the last time an airline volunteered and the name was released people balked and started cancelling flights. To avoid the airline losing money the new airline's name is not being released.

  10. #10
    I am certain this is not true. The ACLU would have a fit. HOWEVER, I am shocked that after 9/11 we do not do this. We SHOULD fingerprint every single person going on a plane. It only takes a few seconds and new technology will make it quicker. It is a complete joke that they check ID's at airports as if a terrorist is really going to use a real ID. By fingerprinting EVERYONE, we can stop terrorists AND stop criminals from travelling and hi*******. The FBI, BCIS and local police would have a powerful tool with hthis. The crime rate and terrorist rate would plummet. Who would object ? Criminals and terrorists; that's who !

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