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Thread: Question I-130 if relative ineligible, will apply for visa abroad

  1. #1
    Can I leave this part blank?

  2. #2
    Can I leave this part blank?

  3. #3
    I think it applies to people outside of the US. I'll wait for one of the smart guys to reply though! It's been a helluva long day to be taking any chances and have to do these damn things again!

  4. #4
    Do not write any thing in this column if your spouse is in the United States. It will give them a excuse for interview in a foreign country. I will work like a waiver.
    Good luck.

  5. #5
    I put N/A is that ok?

  6. #6
    While filling my I-130, I did write both the addresses USA INS office & abroad US consular in home country, if ineligible for process here. Do u think I have done it wrong? If yes, Can I change it by sending a FAX to amend it?

  7. #7
    Still word 'N/A' is okay.
    I wish and pray you would be allowed to adjust your status in the United States. Usually, when a person is in the United States, they do not want to send the files to their Consular Services abroad. They always try to reduce paper work at Consular Services. Do not worry, just trust in God and hope for the best.
    Good luck.

  8. #8
    I was going to put N/A too, only because I don't think INS likes any blank spaces.

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