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Thread: Hubby got Conditional Green Card, can we move from this God forsaken state now?

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    Thanks to everyone who helped me file the AOS. I couldn't have done it without you guys.

    Can we move to another state now?

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    Thanks to everyone who helped me file the AOS. I couldn't have done it without you guys.

    Can we move to another state now?
    Sweet Madame Belu

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    yep!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!
    Even if you resided in that state you could have still moved. all you had to do before is request INS to move your file.

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    How long did it take him from the AOS interview date / stamping his passport until you receive his Green Card?


  5. #5
    Oh and of course, CONGRAT.....

  6. #6

    Congrats!!!! Where u thinking of going

    Wish.... everyone knows it is a nightmare to move file while AOS in progress. It either never moves timely or even worse.. it gets lost. Either way its bad idea. This is why people leave file in place and even travel back to the local office for their interview.

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    congratulations Josephine! Of course you can move, only thing is that he has to report change of address (on the proper form and preferably as a certified mail) to BCIS less than 10 days after the move!

    If you can avoid it, my advise would be still not to move untill the condition is removed in two(?) years, because moving files at any stage before the actual receipt of the LPR card is a potential trouble ... good luck!

  9. #9
    Thanks guys!

    Koko, we had our interview June 24, 2003 (married June 22, 2002) filed February 2003.

    Whaaaaaa, I'm stuck here for another 2 years? I wanted to move ANYWHERE but here!
    Sweet Madame Belu

  10. #10
    Jo, congrats As far as I know filing for removal of CGC will be submitted to any of the main BCIS center, not local anymore. I don't see any problem about moving. Very few people called for interview to remove their CGC. Lots of them got it via mails when they satisfied with all the evidence mailing to them.

    Good luck

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