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Thread: Naturalization Timeline in Las Vegas???

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    Does anyone know how long it takes to become a US citizen in Las Vegas?

    As requested, I applied at the California Service Center in Laguna Niguel.

    How long does it from filling until the interview and how much longer for the oath?

    Thanks for your replies.

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    Does anyone know how long it takes to become a US citizen in Las Vegas?

    As requested, I applied at the California Service Center in Laguna Niguel.

    How long does it from filling until the interview and how much longer for the oath?

    Thanks for your replies.

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    Becoming a USC in Vegas is a crapshoot. The odds are a million to one. The house always wins. It's the luck of the drawer. It's a one armed bandit. It's dicey. It's a spin of the wheel.

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    I just met someone who told me that his Naturalization only took 5 months...maybe he got the Royal Flush ???

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    Dear VivaLasVegas, my first advise Never listen to anything Michael has to say he wakes up on the wrong side of the world everyday. Second you provide no information. You do not say how long you've been in the US, under what type of visa, when you filed for citizenship, etc. Nothing with immigration happens on a regular "timeframe" so any information you will receive from this board is based on that person's experience and must be used to "generalize" only. Your situation is exclusive to you. Good luck.

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    Join Date
    Oct 2003
    East Hampton [Long Island], New York [USA]
    I don't think anyone needs to provide any other information like how long they have been here or under what kind of visa. Anyhow, what would it make difference once a person is simply asking about only PROCESSING TIME for Naturalization application after its filing, that is?

    So, let me stick to the question only. Even though the processing time for N-400 in Las Vegas location SOMETIMES states about 9-12 months on BCIS'S website, in fact it takes 5-6 months only to process N-400. The BCIS office in Las Vegas is very small office like a CVS or Riteaid Pharmacy, because there are not many immigrants in that jurisdiction compared to other jursidictions around the country. I have been there many times. Their office is located on Pepper Street.

    You may notice how fast and how different Las Vegas's BCIS office is- if you file any kind of application like N-400 or AOS in NY or NJ, you will be asked for fingerprinting after very long time of submitting the application and your appointment letter for fingerprinting would always indicate the date and time for you to go for fingerprinting. You can not go there any other time except the time that you are given. But, in Las Vegas, everything is different. Once you file any kind of application, you will receive an appointment for fingerprinting right away or in few days once they would have your whole file. And there won't be any date or time will be mentioned for fingerprinting, instead you can go there anytime to be fingerprinted. Anyhow, the fingerprinted-location over there is always empty, I meant- no people whatsoever. Hardly, you will find 2-3 people there, unlike NY and NJ, where 500-700 people sometimes are there already ahead of you in line to be fingerprinted.

    As far as oath ceremony is concerned, then nobody can tell you How long it would take, because an oath ceremony is scheduled based upon number of applicants for naturalization, so if there are not many applicants for Naturalization, then you need to wait until there is at least FEW. Moreover, if you are changing your name via naturalization process then it might be possible that you can be naturalized early, because then you'll naturalized in federal court. I meant you will take your oath ceremony in Federal court instead of BCIS's location.

    So, it is true that you will be naturalized very fast there, but subject to no any complication in yr case. They must take your green card and your passport away at the time of oath ceremony, and not at the time of interview. If your native country allows dual citizenship, then they won't ask for your passport. If you don't have your passport with you, then just tell them honestly WHY you don't have. It is not a big issue because they will write to your native country's Consulate/Embassy anyhow to let them know that you are now USC, and you are no more the citizen of your native country anymore if your native country won't allow dual citizenship. Good Luck.

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    Sammy, after the Oath, is your passport ever returned. This question is not just for Las Vegas but for N400 in general. This is if your native country does not allow dual citizenship.

  8. #8
    Thank you Sammy.

    Yes my Native Country allows dual-citizenship, so you also answered my other Posts about the Foreign passport requirement.

    I dont need to get a new Foreign passport, thats good.

    One more question though.
    I misplaced my Green card, and I had to re-order a new one since they require us to get a replacement in order to apply for Naturalization.

    The Naturalization takes 6 months, but the new Green Card takes about one year. Does it mean that I wont be able to take the oath until I get my new Green Card?

  9. #9
    yes I checked, it takes 12 to 14 months for the Green Crad replacement to arrive, I hope that I wont have to wait for it in order to go to the Oath Ceremony.

  10. #10
    as of today in 1 hour, my wife's citizenship interview occurs. We dropped the N-400 in the mailbox with a money order on jan 6, 2013. we went to the biometrics appointment on feb 5, 2013 (just 1 month). I checked the status online 3 days later and she was notified of today's appointment (5 weeks later). the Las Vegas office had only 5 people there. we walked in and there was no line. This office was not busy. Great place to deal with if you want things to move fast.

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