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Thread: divorce

  1. #1
    That's really good news!

    But why was I adviced to wait at least 7 months after receiving the corrected green card to file?
    Would the INS take my PR card back if I was to file for divorce too soon? And If
    I don't have to file any forms with the INS would they even know about it?
    What if I wanted to re-marry in the future? Would there be a certain time I'd have to wait to do so?

    Thanks again you are a great help!

  2. #2
    As far as I know, there is no law that says there is a waiting period. What the lawyer probably meant; is that the INS might think it is a bit fishy that as soon as you received your card,you are filing for divorce.

    However, considering that you haev been married for over 4 years, I think you have pretty much proven a good faith marriage. (hence the 10 year card,as opposed to the 2 year conditional card)

    I really don't know why you are worried, the only thing I can think of is if you want to get married to someone who is not a USC, immediately after filing for divorce. The INS would look real hard at that.

    So be cool man.... unless there is something you are not telling.


  3. #3
    Evaluate your relationship with your US spouse. Is it amicable or hostile?

    If your spouse is into vengeance, retain your proofs of co-minglings, etc and probably wait several months more before a divorce... You are already married more than 2 years, it helps.

    If your divorce is going to be friendly, and you already have 10 years Green Card, you do not have anything to worry about. Peace of mind you have.

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