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Thread: Where is Sammy???? Does anyone Know?

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    He is in Mumbai on vacation

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    Maybe he was deported!

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    He might be busy with something but as far as i feel...he wont go away from this board and come back when he can....i would love to write him e mail but that wont be a good he might not like it...

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    Shilpa lighten up that was just a little "alien humour", I assumed that Sammy was an alien and YOU assumed that i was an alien. Bottom line, we both assumed and made assssess of ourselves.

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    Yes, I'm wondering too about Sammy's whereabouts. We DO want him to be here. So, whoever in favor of him to be here, please speak up now.

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    Remi, ti o baanshe "alien" ki ni onshe ni boodu yi??

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    olp, something wrong with your keyboard???

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