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View Poll Results: What do you think should happen?

25. You may not vote on this poll
  • Try to legalize them without disrespecting the legal ones that still waiting

    13 52.00%
  • Send them back and allow them to come back with an unskilled work visa with right to GC after X's years

    5 20.00%
  • Deport them

    6 24.00%
  • Don't do anything about it and keep everything as it is

    1 4.00%
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Thread: Illegal Aliens Poll

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    I think everyone deserves a chance. Of course we could debate that this will encourage more illegals. Dealing with illegals starts with people itself. IF everyone does their duty, ew will be fine; it's a shame that these people most of the times live is pitiful conditions because of the wage they get as they are exploited by employers as a cheap form of labour. So our duty should be to report all illegals in the early stage. The brand new ones (have been here a short time) should be sent back, the ones who have been here longer say 3-4 years; give them a chance to adjust.

    We as human beings should respect others in the sense that we know most of them will be exploited and we as human should report such cases. Other cases incluse illegals who have been here and living a good life. When they are found and have never paid taxes, we tell them to pay Uncle Sam and in exchange grant them PR if they have clean records and have not been involved in illegal and criminal activities. Ok some will say being here illigally is a criminal activity but in this case we can ignore the fact that they have been here illegally provided they have clean records.

    The rules will have to be well defined though concerning possibility to adjust. The last thing we want is a mass of illegal coming in and taking advantage of some wrong rules.

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    I know I am stepping on thin ice by answering this post...but being a man who is interested in the pursuit of law...there should be only one reasonable answer for you to this question.

    If they are "illegal" and that means that they have violated extant law in this country for one reason or another, and until such law is revised, then they must be treated as such. As otherwise, what is the reason to have laws in the first place?

    I know it sounds harsh...but laws are laws..if we allow some to break laws, then where do we begin to draw the line?

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    The reality is that they won't leave and the Govt. will not deport them, so what is left to do?

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    Sorry, "steamy" but that is not a reasonable excuse. Law is alw, just because some people try to evade the law, doesn't mean we should turn a blind eye to it. As I said, you are a man who is keen on pursuing this career path. I would think it would be obvious that we have an obligation to do more to either enforce the extant law in place at this time...or revise the law to permit them to stay....THUS permitting them to shrug the "illegal" label.

    Doing neither of those two options means that in effect we have laws for "no reasons"!

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    The problems are not the laws, the problem is that they have not been enforced, and they will not be... they will not be mass deportations, so what is your suggestion to do nothing about it [as one of my options in my poll] and turn other states in crisis such as the one California is undergoing because undocumented aliens do not pay much taxes and they use govt. resources? What is your suggestion for those 8-12 million people to remain in the shadows?

    The excuse that laws are there and should not be avoided doesn't solve anything, and also, do you know how many laws are there that you must obey and people don't know about their existance and they evade them, and ignorance of the law is not a justifiable defense, that is a moot point. What is your suggestion to solve this issue?

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    Maybe if we cut the ties such as free healthcare benefits to their family, imposed heavy penalties to their employer, provides rewards for those who reported suspected illegals etc, we could somehow make the illegals life miserable enough for them to leave and try to re-enter legally. On the other hand, changes needed to be made to allow easier access to obtain worker visa for non-skilled worker, so they have to turn to border-crossers.

    Off course this is not going to be easy. But if left as it is, the problems will only get worse and worse. An amnesty will only encourage more and more illegals to come in hope of obtaining "future amnesty".

    Besides, what will your answer be to those waiting the long lines of legal immigration when they see with their own eyes that illegals got admitted and pardoned faster than them?

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    Are you throwing up your hands already?

    My goodness, we are all awaiting your passing the bar, getting into immigration law and either finding ways to enforce the laws or revising them...then you can solve the problem!

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