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Thread: VISA for Canadian Landed Immigrants

  1. #1
    Landed Immigrants from Canada need visa to go to USA from 3/17.

    1) Is this visa for multiple entry? or you have to apply for it every time you plan to visit US?

    2) If a Landed immigrants just wanna go across the border for couple days or few hours, does he/she still need a visa?


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    Landed Immigrants from Canada need visa to go to USA from 3/17.

    1) Is this visa for multiple entry? or you have to apply for it every time you plan to visit US?

    2) If a Landed immigrants just wanna go across the border for couple days or few hours, does he/she still need a visa?


  3. #3
    I also like to know the anwswers to the above questions!

    Does anybody have any idea, Please!

  4. #4
    I think you must get visa every time you wanna visit, but i am not sure.

    Anybody knows about this?


  5. #5
    All landed immigrants in Canada will need visit Visa to enter the United States. It can be a single entry or multiple entries. At Border Crossing or other point of embarkment the person will be allowed upto 90 days maximum to stay in the United States.
    Good luck.

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    You are wrong!

    I know because I am a Landed Immigrant in Canada and I went to get my visa in the US Consulate in Toronto on Wednesday.

    1.) The new visa requirement applies "only" to persons who are Landed but are also citizens of most Commonwealth countries. It DOES NOT apply to all Landed Immigrant!.

    2.) The visa you get will be subject to the consular officers discretion. I went on Tuesday 4, March 2003 at the Consulate in Toronto. I got a 1 Year B1/B2 multi-entry.

    3.) You don't have to apply for a visa everytime you want to visit the USA depends on how long to visa is. For example if you get a 6 months month visa, you will have to get a new visa after the 6 months.

    Good Luck

  7. #7
    To Toronto007:
    It looks like you did not read the answer fully. I had talked about entry of upto 90 days to stay in the United States. The Visa issued can be of any length of time ranging from a couple of days to 10 years. If you have multiple visa, you can travel back and forth as many times as you like during that period. I think I have made myself clear now.
    Good luck.

  8. #8
    To Toronto007,

    Thank you for your info about visa.
    But, what it B1 visa? how someone qulify for that?

    And, i understand you got visa for 1 year. did you have ask for that or they just gave you?


  9. #9

    The B1 is for business and the B2 is for pleasure or vice versa.

    No, I did not ask for a 1 year visa.It was just given to me.

    I hope you know that you have to make an appointment before going for the visa. You can call the number or you can make your appointment online like I did. Also pay your fee at the Scotia Bank before going to the Appointment.

    Good Luck

  10. #10
    Here is full context of Visa Regulations for Canadian Landed Immigrants:

    Starting March 17, 2003, most landed immigrants of Canada will need a visa and valid passport to enter the U.S. This is a change from the previous rule allowing Canadian landed immigrants, who had a common nationality with Canadians, to enter the U.S. without passports and visas. This former rule was known as the "Commonwealth Rule," as it applied to nationals of Ireland and the British Commonwealth. Canadian landed immigrants who are nationals of such countries as India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh, among others, previously qualified under the Commonwealth Rule and did not need a visa to visit the U.S. as tourists. They will now need valid visas and passports to enter the U.S. for any reason. The complete list of subject countries is available on the Canadian Embassy WebSite under their "Traveling to the USA?" section.

    The change is the result of ongoing security concerns. There is a limited exception for those landed immigrants who are also citizens of visa waiver countries. The visa waiver countries that are also part of the Commonwealth are Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. Landed immigrants from these countries will continue to be able to enter the U.S. as visitors for business or pleasure, provided their stays are less than 90 days long. Landed immigrants from non-commonwealth, visa waiver countries are also not affected by this change and can continue to enter the U.S. under the visa waiver provisions.

    The U.S. Embassy in Canada recently announced its new procedures for processing applications for Canadian landed immigrants who want to travel to the U.S. Detailed information can be found on the Embassy's WebSite, in the section cited above. Essentially, landed immigrants from non-commonwealth, visa waiver countries will have to make an application for a nonimmigrant visa to enter the U.S. as tourists under standard procedures used at consulates worldwide.

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