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Thread: I am still confused about this:

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    How do you count the years to become a usc,
    from the date of the beginning of your temp. gc, or from the date of your real gc.?
    Still confusing, I don't know who to believe anymore.


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    How do you count the years to become a usc,
    from the date of the beginning of your temp. gc, or from the date of your real gc.?
    Still confusing, I don't know who to believe anymore.


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    A person becomes Permanent Resident from the date of his AOS. If you will check your 10 GC still you will find same date of AOS on your GC as date since permanent resident. If your conditions are removed and it is 3 years from AOS then you can apply for Naturalization by filing N-400.
    Good luck.

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    Toni are you married to a USC? If you are it is 3 years as Umesh states but if you are not married to an American citizen it is five years.

    This is per the revised edition, "U.S. Immigration & Citizenship" your complete guide. this book is written by Allan Wernick who is the directory of the Citizen and Naturalization Project of the City University of New York. I bought this book when looking for information it is $24.95 and can be purchased in book stores.

    Here is the list in the book for criteria for citizenship:

    "1. You have resided in the US as a permanent resident continuously for five years. (You can qualify after only three years of permanent residence if you were married to, living with, a US citizen during those three years).

    2. You have been physically present in the United States for half of the five- (or three-) year period.

    3. You are a person of good moral character.

    4. You have a basic knowledge of US government and history (the civic knowledge requirement).

    5. You are able to read, write, and speak simple English (with exceptions for some older longtime permanent residents).

    6. You are at least 18 years of age.

    7. You are legally competent to take an oath of allegiance to the United States.

    8. You express your allegiance to the US government"

    I hope this clarifies the requirements and time frames for you.

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    Thank You Umesh ,
    for this and for everything.

    What does AOS stand for and I'm not asking any more questins.
    Hope You are well.
    Thank You.

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    Thank you , Sharon,
    Yes, I am married to usc.
    Got married in may 1999,
    My temporary gc:
    Resident since:02/11/00
    Card expires:02/11/02.
    Now I'm still waiting for my perm. gc.
    Filled the I-751, the receipt date is 01/29/02,
    still waiting(the vermont is slow),
    I went to the ins in person and they told me to come back with a new passport(my passport is expired)--they looked in the computer--, so they said to come back with a new passport and go to whatever floor and they'll put me the 10 years stamp.
    Now, i try to get a new passport at the consulate(embassy), they won't give me one because I don't have the "real"card in my hand. I tell them the i751 is pending, then they tell me that they can give me a passport valid for only 2 weeks, and if the ins is ok to put the stamp on this 2 weeks passport, to come back with pictures and they'll give me that 2 weeks passport(which of course, they'll need about --odd--2 weeks to issue it to me)
    Now I call my lawyer, tell him the story,
    then he tells me that they can put the 10 years stamp on it, so to do it if I want to,
    but I should just wait till my real gc. comes. And of course, I cannot apply for citizenship now9fill out that form), I can only do it 3 years after my permanent gc.
    And of course, he tells me, as usual,
    Don't worry, everything is ok!
    Now, would you be confused if you were me?
    Of course,
    I have been waiting . I didn't continue my plan, I didn't do what the immigration told me--to come back with the passport so they'll put me the 10 years stamp.
    I gave up.
    I have been doing what my f. lawyer told me:
    "Just wait, everything will be ok!"

    So I'm STILL waiting and keep on wondering......
    What the he*l is going on?
    A part of me tells me that I should follow the immigration advice,
    but i end up "waiting, because everything is ok",
    and pis*ed off, of course, knowing that some people in my family Depend on me, on that card-citizenship,
    and so I am waiting..
    and waiting...
    and wondering
    God, this is making me crazy!

    Thank you
    and sorry for bursting like that,
    but i'm telling you,
    it makes you fell know what!

    Thank You.
    Thank you, Sharon, Thank you Umesh, Thank you all.

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