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Thread: how to apply for fiance immigration?

  1. #1
    my girl friend lives in New york ; we met online
    and love each other
    we want to marry

    plase tell me how can we meet; she cant come here(india)

    so i ll have to go there

  2. #2
    my girl friend lives in New york ; we met online
    and love each other
    we want to marry

    plase tell me how can we meet; she cant come here(india)

    so i ll have to go there

  3. #3
    If she is going to file for a fiance visa the two of you need to meet in person. It's OK to have initially met over the internet, however, you now you need to meet. Gather all the information (forms, etc.) you will need to complete for filing the I-129F Petition (read the instructions very carefully). While you're together complete all the paperwork, take pictures together and with family, if at all possible. Keep your receipts and boarding passes from the airlines - any documentation that proves you have meet in person and a statement from the two of you that you plan to be married within 90 days of entry into the US AFTER YOU RECEIVE THE VISA. If you get married after entering the US on a tourist visa the process is different. You can go to the website listed below and download all the forms and instructions to complete the petition. Good luck.

  4. #4
    but our problem is that we cant meet each other in person?
    She cant come here
    and i cant go there with out any visa

    Is there any way

    Plese do help us; I will be thankful to you for whole of my life

    Waiting for ur answer

    Thanks in advance

  5. #5
    I know you are very anxious but please try to pay attention. Read my previous posting very carefully regarding the I-129F (Fiance Visa Petition). As far as I know this is your ONLY way to try to be together and it's a long-shot. However, if you can PROVE to BCIS that you absolutely cannot meet in person you may have a chance. Go to the website I have listed below and read all the information on the K-1 Fiance Visa and, if the two of you really want to be together, complete the paperwork and file the petition and see what happens. I wish you all the luck in the world. I just want you to understand that you keep asking the same question and have been given some answers now you need to take action before you will know if it's possible. This is a very frustrating process and I know there's a lot of anxiety involved. People will help you if you have questions about the paperwork. Good luck

  6. #6
    Just another point - which I answered on one of your other postings - if you can PROVE that it is a hardship for the two of you to meet and the BCIS "buys" your proof you do have an outside chance of getting approved even though you have not met. Good luck.

  7. #7
    Hang on - what about going there on a tourist visa? That should be granted readily enough, right?
    Another alternative: what about meeting somewhere half-way? I know the cost of traveling from NYC to India is prohibitive, and I assume that it's the same the other way around, but how about meeting in England, for instance? It's much cheaper to get there from US, although I don't know about India. Or someplace else in between. Since you'll both be visiting on a tourist visa (actually, you will, she won't unless she isn't an American citizen), you shouldn't have to prove anything to anyone except that you're going on holiday. At least that way you get to meet.
    Anyone else think similarly?

  8. #8
    On another posting he made it clear they could not travel to meet each other that is why I offered the suggestions regarding the K-1 visa. Take care

  9. #9
    He mentioned that she couldn't travel to India, and that he couldn't travel there (I assume that meant NYC) without a visa. He didn't mention anything about traveling to other places. I think the K-1 would probably be a better option if they can pull it off, though.

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