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Thread: a wake up call

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    There were two trees, very old, by the highway. One day there was a bad storm and one of the trees lost grip on the ground and fell over the other tree. It said, "will you please support me while I regain strength to stand on my own, for old times sake." The healthy tree said, why should I do this? with you gone I will enjoy more space for my roots to grow" and he moved aside.

    The weak tree fell down and took the power lines down with it. The crew came out to fix the power line and saw this another tree and thought that soon they will be out here again when another storm brings the other tree down. So as a precaution they cut down the OTHER tree as well.

    ------------- +++++++++++ -------------

    Indians, Pakistanis or Arabs, what does it matter. You don't support each other and rest assured that the power crew will cut down everyone.

    There are bad people in every country, but you all are good people and don't let this stupidity take the best of you. Help each other become a better person and worthy of living here.

    I have family in Pakistan and in India and I am ashamed to read the debate in the other thread where WE are telling the world what kind of people we are.

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    It used to be that what ever differences were between the two countries, they were at the Govt level only while people were more open and cordial to each other. Special when we were thousounds of miles away.
    Lets keep it this way. Lets keep our senses.
    Well I do not have any blood relations across the border but I am sure the humans living across the border also have same kind of blood running through them, they have same kind of needs and necessities, as we do.

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    I agree with Mohammad Parkash and F-2. We should live together and cooperate with each other. Half of my family migrated from Lahore. My father and uncles always talked about their friends in Lahore. Whatever is happening in India and Pakistan, is just a political game played by our politicians. We should not support their Political Agenda so that they can stick to their chairs for ever by spreading hatred among us. Let us support each other when we all need some sort of moral support.
    God bless everybody and solve their individual problems.

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    Bravo !!!

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    Well said Umesh we should be united. UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL.

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    Hi, Umesh, I am glad to know that your family was once in Lahore. I am from Lahore.

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