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Thread: need help!!!!

  1. #1
    can any one who has experince tell me for the F2B category how long it should take to have my date current since it is now feb 94 and i'm sep 95?

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    can any one who has experince tell me for the F2B category how long it should take to have my date current since it is now feb 94 and i'm sep 95?

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    You need the date to move by 17 months. In the last 17 months the date has moved by 8 months. If we were to extrapolate from that, it will take at least 3 years.

    If your filing parent may become a USC, you can convert to F3 category.

  4. #4
    Sorry, I meant F1 category and that means you will get the visa ASAP.

    Good Luck

  5. #5
    No, F1 is for USC's minor children (under age of 21). Since he is filing for F2B (LPR's adult children) we can assume that he's already over 21. So President's first post was correct - he'll be converted to F3 if his parent becomes a USC.

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    i think 3 years is too much ,and for the moving in 2001 it was rare case that stopped for long time and now it is going fine moving month by monht,and i think for the new law CSPA will help getting more visa numbers available,if it is like what you say 3 years my case will be more than 11 years which is unbeliveable and not as estimated when check the histroy for F2B cases,i'm right?

  7. #7
    I think you can sort of estimate how long it usually takes by looking at the current priority date and see how long it takes those people. For example for this month the priority date for F2B is Feb/1994. It's now Oct/2002, so for those who filed in Feb, 1994, they've waited 8.5 years. Sometimes the priority date moves fast and sometimes slowly, but this serves as an average for the past years and will give you a general idea of how long you expect to wait.

  8. #8
    yes you are right and this is what i expected it to come to me within year and half since i will be 8 years and half after one and half year to be applied,so this is what i'm thinking of i'm right?

  9. #9
    I am sorry that I made a mistake on my previous post. Yes he'll be converted to F1 (unmarried over-aged child) category. However, I am not sure that he'll be able to get a visa right away, should that happen. Is the priority date retained without having to file a new petition?

  10. #10
    Yes I think so. Last year everything moved very slowly.. I think it had to do with the 245i.. but in general they should move month-by-month.

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