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Thread: what about the united states citizen's

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    My children and I were all born in caifornia. My husband born in EL SALVADOR,
    in removalprecededings. what about my rights and my childrens right's , there has got to be a way to stop INS from TRAMATIZING THESE USC, FROM seperatING USC familys. THIS IS SO UNHUMANE, to the USC PEOPLE,. What about me A USC .

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    My children and I were all born in caifornia. My husband born in EL SALVADOR,
    in removalprecededings. what about my rights and my childrens right's , there has got to be a way to stop INS from TRAMATIZING THESE USC, FROM seperatING USC familys. THIS IS SO UNHUMANE, to the USC PEOPLE,. What about me A USC .

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    You and your children do have rights, you are USCs, and therefore have the right to be here. It sounds like your husband does not and is being removed for that reason. If he came here illegally or broke the law in some other way (overstaying, fraudulent ID, etc.), he is now paying the price. I hope you have tried to find a good immigration attorney to get advice on this.

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    my husband came here with a visa, then we filed and he got his green card.

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    USC spouse and childern have the rights but defend a criminal ? who is not citizen. you just can't say that you have right and you can protect alien who broke the law, because of you are citizen?
    Court has to decide that not the citizen who is a relative to alien. Your citizen rights are limited to you only. he is alien he also has the rights. He has every right to defend himself in immigration court.
    you can,t just go to the court and state that you have rights because you are citizen so don't punish this alien.


  6. #6
    sick , u r a heartless person, and for ur info , i never said he should'nt pay for his crime, he did pay. now ins will not allow him to come home to his usc wife and children that have waited many yrs for his release from state prison.
    we feel that the ij has now punished our usc children and i, for life, yhey have put a life sentence on us, not my husband , life sentence we got and we did nothing wrong.

    why don't u put ur self in ur childs shoes or my childs shoes. imagine ur child in the ins court room, ur there also and the ij looks at u and ur mom and brothers and says , i dont care if u r usc or not. THAT WAS THE MOST DEGRADING THING ANY HUMAN HAS EVER SAID TO MY CHILD AND I.

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    The only thing anyone is trying to say here is that you and your husband are two separate people. Even if your husband was a citizen and committed a crime, the two of you would be separated and your children separated from him also. You are a USC but your husband is not, and his penalty is deportation.

    On the other hand, you are free to go with him to his country, since you obviously care about him, and it shouldn't make a difference where you live.

  8. #8
    Rights is right.. and thanks for explaination little more to this dumbo.
    Julie I,m trying to say here lets say Anyone , who commited crime. Judge send me to jail. he is also seperated from his childern/spouses etc . do U thin their childern don't have rights? They have every rights to be with their father too, but Law don't care. You did crime you pay for it. thats the LAw.
    Judge don't care if you are citizen or your childern are citizen, he has to work by the law and you have to understand it. You can beat him by the law , if you or any lawyer knows the Law that can bring your husband back to live here ,go for it. Isn't that all fight about LAW.
    Right doesn't count here.
    Now tell me where is heartless person here. For your information emotion don't work, only Law works.

  9. #9
    Sometimes a harship waiver is available, but such is limited to only a few cases. It depends on why he was placed in removal proceedings. Why didn't you file a change of status for him before he was placed in removal proceedings?

  10. #10
    To some people, if you can't give an advice or something that will help someone in anyway, then, it would be better to be quiet, b/c it hurts the people.
    I'm sure she can go with him and live in an other country, but it is not the same for a usc to to a third world country and start to learn their culture, hard life to find a job especially when you don't speak spanish, and kids lose their advantage of being American citizens. I can't help this Lady, but I symphatize with her and hope she finds a good way to get her family together which is very important to her kids first and her.
    Her husband has learned a lesson, but it is hard one, it may cost him the freedom to be in this great country, and I hope he will be ok.
    And to other people that are being rude, we are not here to judge anyone, anyone who is in this discussion board has something to look for, either GC, citizenship, to get their families together, and more. So, sick people, don't be surprised if you fall in the same case or someone you love, and then let us know how you feel when someone right something rude and hurts your heart.

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