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Thread: Marriage????????

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    How long doest it takes for conditinal Green card after marrying a USC. legally present in the US

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    How long doest it takes for conditinal Green card after marrying a USC. legally present in the US

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    It depends where you live and how much back log at Immitration there. After you will interviewed, they will stamp your passport for Conditional Green Card which will be mailed to you within 2 - 6 months thereafter.
    Good luck.

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    I live in MN plus I having a baby by this USC

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    Usually, it takes 12-24 months to get your interview on your AOS. And, if your application is approved after the interview, then you will be given a conditional status being stamped on yr passport and a condtional green card [which would be good for two yrs only] which would be mailed within the time as Umesh said. However, having a baby with USC means nothing, because it can not speed up your application, nor it will give you the right to get approval on your green card application. Best of all.

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    Am just wondering.

    Has the I751 always been this slow, taking upwards of almost a year in Texas? Does anyone know why we are having this backlog and when its likely to get solved?

    If conditional marriage is 2 years, why add another year to remove conditions?

    I would advice anyone after marriage to wait for like 1 year 5 months then file for papers so they escape this CPR.

    Or keep postponing your first interview until your marrige is 2 years old, and becoming careful to give genuine reasons for postponement.

  7. #7
    May be Umesh or Sammy can verify what is the status of CPR while their removal on process. Is she / he still CPR or have temporarily document to proof that they are legal.

  8. #8
    It was not used to take that long to process I-751 until 2000. After 2000, INS has given this application the lowest priority than any other applications. As you know that INS is hightly back logged with their work load, and after 2002, INS has diverted the duties of their officers to do some other job instead of processing I-751. In addition, they want to know if marriage is really a bonafide marriage or not, but "off the law". Because, lots of aliens get married just for green card, and after removing the condition, they get divorced and then marry with their loved-one from their own country. As well, INS believe that if an alien is really married for love instead for green card, then their marriage won't be ended up so quickly. Actually, INS is follwing an interim rule to see an alien more yrs into the marriage, instead of two yrs of marriage, just to eliminate more aliens from the U.S., and to track down more marriages fraud. And, even though alien's marriage is ended up without alien's fault before removing the condition, INS would not be sympathetic towards the alien's situation, because law permits to have the privilege of green card to an alien because of the sake of USC, and not for the situation of alien.

    If INS believes that it will take longer than anticipated time to process I-751, then they will send you a letter wherein they will notify you that your conditional status is extended for another year until a decision is made on your pending I-751. And, this procedure will continue until a decision is made, and you will still be considered under legal status until a decision is made on I-751.

  9. #9
    I see your point, but this traps genuine people who enter into marriages that genuinely dont end up to be fruitful.

    What do you mean Sammy that "Actually, INS is follwing an interim rule to see an alien more yrs into the marriage, instead of two yrs of marriage, just to eliminate more aliens from the U.S., and to track down more marriages fraud".

    Are you implying that they try to follow up after you get conditions removed? I dont think thats true.

  10. #10
    I did not say that INS still follows the people after removing the condition, while what I said that INS is following the interim rule to see a marriage more than 2 yrs of required periord, because according to them, 94% marriages are ended up so quickly after removing the condition, which leads them to believe that a marriage fraud was committed from beginning for green card. But, due to lack of sufficent evidences, INS were unable to prosecute those cases, that's why now they are following this interim rule to make sure a marriage is occured for love and not for green card. That means that INS follows you before removing the condition on yr green card, instead of after removing condition. But, it would definately a problem at the time of naturalization.

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