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View Poll Results: I have often wondered if this board is truly an immigration message board or a pro-alien message bo

27. You may not vote on this poll
  • The board is definitely anti-USC

    2 7.41%
  • The board is definitely pro-alien

    21 77.78%
  • The board is neutral

    3 11.11%
  • The board is a place for aliens to lament

    1 3.70%
  • The board is a place for USCs to lament

    0 0%
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Thread: Is this board an immigration message board?

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    None of those choices seem to fit my opinion about this board. I've never really had a strong idea that this board was anti this or pro that. It goes back and forth according to who is doing the most posting at the time. I've learned a lot from reading the postings here, however I think the only people getting ANY benefit from yours and Aguila's arguing is the two of you. Frankly I don't see how either one of you is getting any benefit. Aguila is not going to give any more personal information and he doesn't have to. His case has been debated to the point that the bones are picked clean and it always turns to HIS case whenever the two of you start debating. It seems that in the past the two of you would go back and forth, bantering on issues. It seems to have gone way past that. It also seems that neither of you can just walk away from it. You're the type of people that would destroy each other, given the chance. You'd drive each other NUTS. I say, call it a draw.

  4. #4
    For the record I am a USC, I guess I'm included in the "all of you".

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    and since i posted this poll, i am recusing i am not voting

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    Well if you want to count the posting and the regular poster, I would imagine this board has a pro-alien flavor to it. Besides, the majority of people that posted usually are alien that have some immigration related question, and people that are willing to take time and answer those question are people that generally in support with them.
    (discounting the childish insulting posts that some anti-alien folks have a habit to make).

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    Hi swiss,

    I can't believe that person like you might post something like this as I always have great deal of respect for you.... Yes today I missed all those debates but I can understand, lot of other peoples' opinion were differing from you ... that doesn't mean this board is some sort of anti USC board...

    First of all USCs don't have any personal immigration problem as they are citizen of this country ... so obviously more posters will be aliens not only on this site but any board related to immigration ... USCs who visit website ... either they want to help people, or seek help for their alien relatives / friends ....

    But this board has never been an anti-USC .... Coz you got very good advices in past with all kind of emotional support and what should be done so you can prevent further loss from your husband .... from USCs and aliens as well .... Just because people don't agree with you doesn't mean they offend USC .... Coz lot of USCs also don't agree with you ... its not like just aliens have hard time with you... people sometimes lose their patience and then.... By the way I have always listened to you and respected YOU and your idea and taken part in debate with all manners and respect towards you ....

    Aliens come on this board to seek some positive guidance ... that can be helpful in their condition.... Like I said a dying person will try anything to survive ... lot of people (USC) just come on this board to p i s s aliens o f f ... I have helped even Michael 2-3 times ....and always been nice with him ... so its not like this board is anti USC...

    I m sure you muse have posted this poll out of frustration but nothing else... coz the way I know you from our debate ... u would never do such thing.... Coz u r really mature and this thing is childish....... Pasha

  8. #8

    Although I do get somehwat frustrated at times, when I am unable to make my point clear, I always recognize that there are two sides to each issue, and therefore, when there are some who disagree I recognize that they are entitled to their own opinions.

    However, Pasha, I don't believe this post is childish at is a valid observation...and the reason I stated that is because, just as you say, most people on the board are aliens with valid immigration concerns, but contrary to what you wrote, USCs have valid immigration concerns too.

    For example, you suggested, and kindly so, that you were hoepful that I could prevent further loss from my spouse, but the essence of my participation on this board was to not only mitigate my losses (financial) but also to enlighten people to the fact that such abuse of the immigration system does exist..and this hurts everyone's chances for immigration.

    Were my only concern to be oriented along the lines of pecuniary loss, I could have participatd on a divorce forum. The fact is that even the USCIS have not yet put into place measures to prevent persons from doing what my husband did in order to circumvent the system, nor perhaps is USCIS aware that such manipulation is occuring.

    You may say, well what does that matter? Well, in actual fact, were USCIS fully aware of the cracks in the system, then they could focus their attempts on that and let all the law abiding petitioners have a smooth ride.

  9. #9
    Hey Swiss,

    Starting to get the feeling your opinion is in the minority? This forum is by no means anti-USC. It might be anti-Swiss but you brought it upon yourself.

    I agree with Still, marmaduk, and Pasha.

    And, yes, I too am a USC.

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    anti-Swiss is OK with me...I just object to anti-USC

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