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Thread: Special Registration for Filipinos WHEN??????

  1. #1
    When will be the Special Registration for Filipinos?

  2. #2
    When will be the Special Registration for Filipinos?

  3. #3
    Probably after 6 months or so.

  4. #4
    Before Indians/Mexicans will be required to show up?

  5. #5
    Probably, because there are many more Mexicans/Indians than Pinoys.

  6. #6
    are the next to go.We have no al-qaeda operatives in Mexico.It's time to round up this illegal filipinos.

  7. #7
    Neither Mexicans and/or Indians , nor Philipinos are terrorists. Everyone going to register is not a terrorist, a someone who is being terrorised.

  8. #8
    Mexicans are worst than al queda, they are here by millions, crimes are up in California and they are terrorizing California, and the welfare. It is time for every nonimmigrant to be required to register, and America can become like America because now it is just like Mexico. Hope things get better

  9. #9

    At this point the gradual and mounting campaign against the Jews was prepared for the achievement of its ultimate violent ends. The German people had been indoctrinated, and the seeds of hatred had been sown. The German state was armed and prepared for conquest. The force of world opinion could now safely be ignored. Already the Nazi conspirators had forced out of Germany 200,000 of its former 500,000 Jews. The Nazi-controlled German state was therefore emboldened, and Hitler in anticipation of the aggressive wars already planned cast about for a provocation.

    In his speech before the Reichstag on 30 January 1939, Hitler declared:

    "If the international Jewish financiers within and without Europe succeed in plunging the nations once more into a world war, the result will not be the Bolshevization of the world and the victory of Jewry, but the obliteration of the Jewish race in Europe." (2663-PS)

    The chief editor of the official organ of the SS, the "Schwarze Korps," expressed similar sentiments on 8 August 1940:

    "Just as the Jewish question will be solved for Germany only when the last Jew has been deported, so the rest of Europe should also realize that the German peace which awaits it must be a peace without Jews." (2668-PS)

    Other officials of the Party and State voiced the same views. Rosenberg wrote for the publication "World Struggle," which in the April and September 1941 issues declared:

    "The Jewish question will be solved for Europe only when the last Jew has left the European continent." (2665-PS)

    Hans Frank entered this apologetic note in his diary:

    "Of course, I could not eliminate all lice and Jews in only a year's time. But in the course of time, and above all, if you will help me, this end will be attained." (2233-C-PS)

    A. Registration.

    The first step in accomplishing the purpose of the Nazi Party and the Nazi-dominated state, to eliminate the Jew, was to require a complete registration of all Jews. Inasmuch as the anti-Jewish policy was linked with the program of German aggression, such registration was required not only within the Reich, but successively within the conquered territories. For example, registration was required, by decree, within Germany (Reichsgesetzblatt Part I, 1938, page 922, 23 July, signed by Frick); with-

    [Page 985]

    in Austria (Reichsgesetzblatt, Volume 1, 1940, page 694, 29 April); within Poland (Kurjer Krakowski, 24 October 1939); in France (Journal Official No. 9, page 92, 30 September 1940); in Holland (Verordnungsblatt, No. 16, 10 January 1941, signed by Seyss-Inquart).


  10. #10
    Jews registration is really close to what Special Registration program intends to achieve, yet looks like America lacks a person equally crazy to Hitler -- I mean, be that **** too, as Hitler was...

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