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Thread: Josephine Schmoe is Umesh Passi in Disguise

  1. #1
    lol lol

  2. #2
    lol lol

  3. #3
    Look Andreea, I know you didn't like the comments I made to stop your moronic threads about Umesh.

    I figured I would be your next victim. You've called me the c* word, impersonated my moniker at least twice, and are now harassing me.

    Every IP address is recorded on this site, whether you sign in or not. I will use all these incidences as evidence that you are stalking and harassing people on this board. Expect a knock on your door real soon.

  4. #4

    Let this troll do whatever s/he wants. I bet it is just a schizophrenic on drugs trying to have some fun or it is just a naughty 9 yr old with no parental supervision.

    ILW sent me an email explaining that they will start to ban IPs. So shortly we will say bye to these trolls.
    SEMPER VIPER / Army Strong!

  5. #5

    Like I said, I'd be at immigrate2us but my ISP blocks me from posting.

  6. #6
    Josephine, I suspect it may also be "tb" -- he was known for these types of games ... I don't think Andrea would get this low ...

  7. #7
    Jo, talk to Marie and figure out what is wrong, you didn't have problems with that website before...
    SEMPER VIPER / Army Strong!

  8. #8
    J, I had problems with the site at first, Marie fixed them, everything was fine. Then the site moved and I could never post after that.

  9. #9
    Just wondering, what does troll Bushmaster uses it extensively) mean .. couldn't find it its exact meaning online dictionary .. I am an immigrant and my husband also did not know its exact meaning ..

  10. #10
    Troll usually means un ugly person, usually referring to a woman. More specifically, on the Internet, it refers to a person who posts an article designed to annoy the users of a newsgroup.

    However, my hubby, a military ***** -- once-upon-a-time into a pretty flamboyant lifestyle, lol -- who is making me signs now -- says it also refers to a (old) man in a cruising area that won't take 'no' for an answer (when said so by another *** men in the area.) To better explain the setting: many men engage in anonymous sexual encounters with other men, activities typically occurring in public restrooms, *** movie theaters, bookstores with booths, or parks and bathhouses. Such encounters serve different functions for different men at different times. For the homosexual or bisexual male (yep, my hubby is bi!) who is invloved in a committed heterosexual relationship, they provide a sexual outlet. In one study, it was shown that men most likely to engage in *** in t-rooms were those who fear disclosure or discovery because of their family or religious affiliation. In general, these men are well-integrated into a heterosexual community and appear to live conventional lives. Usually, no emotional bonding occurs in these encounters; but considerable affection may be expressed. Some closeted homosexuals find that the environment is as important to them as the sexual contact itself; they find release and comfort just in being with other *** men. Both in surroundings and in sexual contact there is respite from social stigmatization and debilitating prejudice and a temporary soothing of narcissistic injuries. Homosexuals, more frequently than heterosexuals, have brief sexual encounters in order to establish a social relationship.

    Now back to "trolls": as hubby tells me, the term has to be applied conservatively: for instance, you can not call "troll" a guy who asks more than once (and won't go away) another straight/married guy cruising near himself. This is because every cruiser knows that those guys who think of themselves as straight (i.e., are in a deep closet,) or are -- even worse, married -- may well be paranoid whom they are dealing with (before they actually engage in ****-***.) They might fear, e.g., that the other guy may write down their license plate numbers when cruising in parking lots (to expose them to their wives, friends, employers and so on); or straighties might simply refuse the other guy the first time just because he feels terribly guilty and ashamed of what he's doing. "Troll" is most likely someone who won't go away even when said so by a totally-openly-*** man (At least that's how my hubby explains it to me, lol) Alternatively -- figuratively yet so evidently -- a troll (a big one!) is also a homoerotic straight man (eh, you get it how str8 he is!) in a cruising place going back and forth FOR HOURS (lol) refusing every and every guy and going home "proud" he did not actually do anything that could be considered ****-*** (after all he has only ****ed 1 (one) **** during the last 3 (three) months -- he just can't be ***, lol!)

    Okay, I'll knock it off now ... to sleep ... with my hubby ... sorry folks if I sounded a little bit too emancipated, but here in L.A. I fear women will grow ***** some day...

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