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Thread: NO SHOW to INS interview

  1. #1

    What happend if someone doesnt show up for the INS interview ??

    I-130, married to a citizen... applying for benefits w/work and travel...

  2. #2

    What happend if someone doesnt show up for the INS interview ??

    I-130, married to a citizen... applying for benefits w/work and travel...

  3. #3
    Will probably be considered as abandonment of petition and the process will have to be repeated unless you have a valid reason for the no show.

    Contact INS and see if you can reschedule.

  4. #4
    That is not my case, tks for the advise anyway

    what i ment to ask is if you need to go to the whole proccess again... i mean, filling forms and all that

    now, til i know... after you apply, they send the CG and work permit
    what happen with them if you dont show up?
    would they cancell you GC and work permit?

    Thank you

  5. #5
    Marriage based? YOur GC will probably be the conditional one good for 2 get it after the interview. You have to show up or they will consider it abandonment like xandtrick said and will probably start deportation proceedings.

  6. #6
    AFTER the interview???

    then, how do we supossed to show them we have join accts, and all that if he does NOT have a SSN !!!

    He does have a bank acct (ITIN not SSN)
    How can we get a lease... without SSN for him?

    what is the intreview about?


  7. #7
    First you get the EAD...THEN the interview, then the green card.

    It's a regular interview for them to see the originals of the papers you sent and the leases and stuff like that.

  8. #8
    Whats EAD?

    how long does usually takes between...
    After sending the paperwork to..

    Green Card?

  9. #9
    The EAD btw is only good for one year while they process the info.
    The SSN your husband will get will say that he can only use it for work with the INS permission.

    Then you guys will get an interview and then if all goes well he'll get a conditional green card good for 2 years.
    After that you have to file to have those conditions removed and then he'll get his 10 year card.

    Hope that helps

  10. #10
    It does help... thanks !!!

    What i wonder now is...

    After you get that EAD (i guess is a SS card) he can work with...

    Now... after he get that card, how long would we need to wait for the interview?

    I mean, will we have enough time for him to find a job, get join bank accts and all that before the interview so we can show'em we ARE living together and we didnt get into marriage just for his GC

    Oh, when he gets his EAD, will he also get an Alien number?? or how would he be applying for a job? as an alien? resident? citizen?

    Thanks Marie, youre making our DAY !

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