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Thread: Waiting for I 130 process for 8 months already

  1. #1
    my husband filed I 130 for me since september 2002 . i only got the reciept number from INS telling me to wait more 600 days but when i got online to check my status. it siad i have to wait more longer about 990 day..what you guy think????

  2. #2
    Well...have to wait I think ...mine it said, from 210 to 999 days.

  3. #3
    hey you guys are lucky .. atleast youre gona get it approved . my wife filed i130 for me 3 years ago and i am still waiting for that to be approved and my wife last week decides to leave me bacause i can't get a good job without getting an EAD . lol funny isn't it

  4. #4
    i can't even get in country yet . what i have to do? someone told me to file k-3 but i can't find the form on the site for that.

  5. #5
    how can you guys get your feet to usa??????? sick and tired for waiting

  6. #6
    Well, we take the shortcut...get married here .

  7. #7

  8. #8
    Your petition can be speeded up only if your husband becomes Citizen of the United States. Otherwise, you have to wait. There is really a long period for wait for spouses of LPRs.
    Good luck.

  9. #9
    900 days?!!! I thought ours was outrageous because it said 825 days!! Is your husband a USC? How can they do this to people? I mean, they're basically putting our life on hold for 2-3 years or more. It's so frustrating. I feel like I'm this tiny little ant armed with a tack fighting against a giant elephant who can't even see me!!!!! I feel like my husband will never get a green card. Sometimes I get discouraged and we think maybe we will just give up on this country and go live our lives in Mexico.

  10. #10
    thank you you guys for the opinion . anyway my husband he's a us citizen. first of all i got a receipt number said i ahve to wait for 600 dayd but now when i check my status online it aid 990 days . i do not understand why it longer. what am i support to do. if they are that big people they should work fast.just to accept it or deny why take so long?????????

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