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Thread: If there are any lawyers out there, I have a question

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    I arrived here in 99 as a crewmember (rendering me illegal), and married in Dec 2001. I have a undergraduate degree in International Economics from Romania (of which I have certified transcripts that have been evaluated here in the Unted States). My wife has filed an I-130 on my behalf, and we are now playing the "waiting game".

    The question:
    I would like to attend job fairs and work in my field, if an employeer should offer me a job can we proceed with an emplyment based visa with me being present in the US and awaiting approval of our I-130?

    With best regards,
    C. Petrencu

  2. #2
    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong here, but I think you can do this. If you are skilled in a specialized field and no American is applying for/qualified for a position that is available, you may be able to have an employer sponsor you. You may want to check into it. Good luck.

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    linda is right but You have undergrad degree. which will not qualify you as a professional.

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    The major problem is that you entered the U.S. illegally, as a crewman you are ineligible to adjust. You did not get married until Dec. 2001, thus you missed the 245i period which would have remedied your illegal entry. Thus, you are ineligible to adjust status here in the u.s

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    The only time you could have get the chance to have your status adjusted is if the 254(I) was still here.You have to wait for that. But since you have already mailed in ur applications i dont know what to say .But 1 thing though it is pretty much hard to adjust when u entered illegally unless u are backed up by 245(I) . But you know we are all giving our opinions and advice but the best i can say is dont give up hope and faith because life is full of surprises .Different people different luck. Keep praying and have a lawyer look into that for you .Okay ?
    Be strong

  6. #6
    Thank you all for your input.

    Yes, I am aware of the quagmire surrounding the 245(i) issue. I had fortunately applied for landed immigration in Canada when I first arrived in the US. Therefore, once this has gone through there shouldn't be any problem with adjusting my status via Canada. I just have to be patient.

    should anyone have any other input, please feel free.

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