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Thread: just curious

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    After we have our interview at the embassy (during which I will submit our I-601 and the DS-230, etc.) is anyone interested in my recounting the story of the interview? or just when I find out whether we were approved or denied?

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    After we have our interview at the embassy (during which I will submit our I-601 and the DS-230, etc.) is anyone interested in my recounting the story of the interview? or just when I find out whether we were approved or denied?

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    Tell us everything.

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    Yes, spouse...please do recount to us all that happens when you go to the Embassy. My husband too was deported & am continuing my fight to get him back here to unite him with our 2 kids. Actually I had to go buy a ticket to go visit him ..our 2nd child is turning 1 year old on January and I just can't handle him not being with his father on his special day. I plan to visit the US Embassy over there and see what I can do. Maybe I should bring the kids and us 3 throw tantrums and cry cry cry in front of them? :P HAR!

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    please do post.

    God bless you and your hubby!

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    throwing tantrums won't accomplish anything; in case you have been sleeping, as have many who visit this site, although you may file an I 601 at a consulate, the consular folks do not, repeat, do not make the decision - the Dept of Justice makes the decision (INS). Acting like an idiot in front of the consular staff will not expedite the approval (or denial) of an I 601. And you will not be able to visit the overseas office of INS and attempt to to cry your way through a decision.

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    HAHAHAHA Oh goodness gracious scotts! I can't believe you took me literally!!! Did you not see my "HAR" meaning laugh after my statement? I'm a born USC so are my parents and so are my grandparents. I will not do such a thing there at the Embassy. I know better. And besides, they won't even care. So please do not post such a harsh statement against me. IDIOT??? ME?? Excuse me! I'm not that stupid. I'm just fed up with the disorganization of the INS and some attorneys that i've spoken to or have acquaintances who's attorney's have charged them & have practically tapped them out and their husbands are still detained or some who's cases have no outcome after years of waiting. I will fight for my rights & for my children.

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    You need to settle down and get a grip. So you are frustrated with the INS. So are the people waiting in their own countries with their applications pending for x odd years. Why aren't you frustrated with whatever your husband did to break the law and get himself deported? (Not an attack - I don't know your case - but you did mention that he was deported.) For no reason at all?
    I'm not passing judgment. Maybe your husband was wrongly deported. I just noticed that most people criticize the INS but don't take accountability for any action against them taken by the INS. That seems strange.

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    I've been following your case and it would be nice to share with us the outcome of your trip.It will help a lot of people who are in the same boat.We are praying for you and I was so touched with what you have gone through.Love can move mountains! FELIZ NAVIDAD.....

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    afriend, brownfox, and momISsad. I will do my best to let you know how the interview goes, I think it will be a pretty important moment. At the moment our packet is about 350 pages and is in a huge binder, but it looks pretty good. I just hope they agree! (and that I don't break my arms or fall over trying to carry it through the airport!)

    (USC)-the interview can be pretty important since it is the only time they see you face to face. Although I may be wrong our lawyer has also informed us that the consulate is capable of processing the waiver. They will review it and make a decision as to whether they will send it to the USA DOJ-INS to be processed or whether they can/will do it at the consulate.

    Finally, yes I think the interview is important. It is the only actual contact they will have with the two of us, and they will be taking notes and generally contributing to the packet we have already made - which will definitely help us or hurt us for approval or denial!

    I will put a new posting up next week to let you all know how it went!

    And good luck to you all!!!!!

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