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View Poll Results: Do you believe that the US born children of illegal aliens should be granted citizenship.

23. You may not vote on this poll
  • Yes, anyone born in the country should receive citizenship. (This is how it currently works)

    17 73.91%
  • No, only babies born to US citizens and aliens who are legally present should receive citizenship.

    2 8.70%
  • No, only the children of US citizens should receive citizenship.

    3 13.04%
  • The children born to any non-citizen should receive permanent residence, but not immediate citizenship.

    0 0%
  • The children should receive the same status that thier parents have at the time of thier birth. (ie Permanent Resident, Tourist, Asylee, illegal)

    1 4.35%
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Thread: Another opinion poll: anchor babies?

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    Have a nice day

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    If they don't get citizenship, there are a lot of countries that the parents could be from that wouldn't grant citizenship either, because the kid wasn't born there (in the parent's home country).
    That could be a problem.

  4. #4
    How does it work in Canada? (Just out of curiosity)
    Have a nice day

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    It's not a matter of should they. Problem is, where do they go?? You can't deport them back to another country, cuz that country won't recognize them. The INS has enough prolbme tryig to send back criminal aliens, cuz their countries won't issue them travelling documents. Let alone people with no records in their country.

    That's like El Salvador forcing the US to grant citizenship to some baby over there, based upon that his parents, who have no documentatino either -- claim to be from the US.

    -= nav =-

  6. #6
    I'm not against immigration by any means, I'm only against illegal immigration. I feel sorry for folks who may not be able to go back to their countries of origin. However, if the parents are illegal, the children should be illegal. Each kid should get the same status as the parents do.

    This rule has been abused too much over the years. People visiting from other countries just to make sure their kids could be US citizens is wrong. This is most likely the minority opinion on this board and will open up a can of worms, but this is just my personal opinion.

  7. #7
    >People visiting from other countries just to >make sure their kids could be US citizens is >wrong.

    Hence why POE officers are TOUGH AS NAILS on "tourists" these days. The IS aren't stupid. They keep stats on everything, including how many babies show up as USC's to parents who are both illegals or "tourists". Countries who do the most abusing, receive the most 'grilling'.

    But the constitution would have to be amended. And i doubt that'll happen in our lifetime. Not to mention the parents country has no obligation to take the baby and give it citizenship. Then waht do you do? Lock up a 4 y/o?

    -= nav =-

  8. #8
    One of my Lebanese students when I taught overseas sent his pregnant wife to the U.S. twice on visitor's visas to give birth so the kids would have U.S. citizenship. The guy's not eligible to immigrate and the kids will probably grow up in the Middle East with Arab parents. In what way, other than being born in the U.S., does that make them "American"?

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    Like the US, in Canada, people get citizenship if born in Canada, too.

  10. #10
    AliBa:If a child is born in US is a US Citizen. Thay are American, since they are born here on yhe US soil.

    Its a long term benefits to the child and the parents.
    1. When he is ready to go to school/College, he will not pay the high cost of fees like F-1 students.
    2. No sooner he becomes 21 he will file I-130, and within two years parents will be in US. Lebanese are more smarter, I have seen the while working overseas. They also know how to get around.
    One time California was changing it law in regards to the birth, but went back in cold store.

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