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Thread: what is INS "A" number?

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    Dear Experts,
    What is menat by INS "A" number on DV2004 application form next to visa type? IS it a departure number on I-94?

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    Dear Experts,
    What is menat by INS "A" number on DV2004 application form next to visa type? IS it a departure number on I-94?

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    I have heard that when Immigration detains you at the airport they give you an A#.

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    I just came to know "A" number is INS assigned number and you'll get that only after you apply for I-485. I could be wrong, but at least that is what I came to know so far.

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    its your alien registratopn number it should be handwritten on the back of your I94, It will look like this

    xx-xxx-xxx or axx-xxx-xxx

    not all immigrents receieve this. If you don't have one write none in the space provided.

    Good luck

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    'A' Number is Alien number consisting of 9 digits. Whenever somebody applies for Immigration benefits and that person's file is opened with Immigration Department, the person is alloted a particular number which is called Alien Number. All future correspondences, change of status or petitions etc. are checked and verified from that Alien Number. This is a permanent file number. Even if a person becomes a USC still all his information can be pulled from his Alien number.
    Good luck.

  7. #7
    "A" number means *** number.

  8. #8
    what is *** number then?? the same as "A"??


    I filed petitions to INS but never received any "A" number!!!

  9. #9
    Alien Number is Alien Case registration No. which was assign to alien when he files for Immigration benifits, It is not necessary that A# should be given to alien at the port of entry or written at the back of I-94.
    Alien Number was given to the aliens who arrive at the port of entry and detained or put into deportation proceedings/claim Political asylum/enter or trying to enter without proper documentation/ regardless of release if detained/ expidite removed or self deported.

  10. #10
    Thanks to you all for your input. However, it has been confirmed that it is not a number on I-94 and it does start with A ( an alien number to be more specific).

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