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Thread: Questions re: on-line status check for K-1 Fiance Visa

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    After the K-1 petition is approved in the US can you still track the status on-line or, because it's left the hands of BCIS, do you just receive letters?

    Your information would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Billie, I've done the K3 but after the 129F was approved all I saw was the exact same msg over & over. Although on a K3 the 129F all go to Chicago whereas urs go to the servicing center by your residence, so perhaps. My guess is no you wont be able to track it once its approved. When file is cabled over, they give a new case number beginning with letters of the embassy.

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    Yeah why should they give us any peace of mind like a way to check on status. You are at the mercy of the consulate or embassy once it leaves the US. Be aware that most embassies and consulates won't answer e-mail and getting though by phone is next to impossible. So its again a hurry up and wait deal.

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    Thanks very much for your replies. LadyMedTech -- I work for the government so I'm used to the bureaucracy so I'll just sit back, have a glass of wine and wait patiently. It's an exercise in letting go of control for me - growth you know - not easy for a "control freak". Thanks again and have a good day.

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    Our I-129f petition was approved on Jan. 2. From there, it goes to the NVC. I called the NVC to see if they had it after about 3 days. The number is 603-334-0700. Hit 1 for English and 2 for a live operator. You have to speak to someone if it's a K petition. You give them your name and beneficiary's name, and they will tell you the new case number. They can also tell you if it's been forwarded to the overseas embassy yet. If it has, then all communication from that point needs to be to the Embassy.

    Here's my timeline:
    01/02/04 - I-129f approved from TSC
    01/07/04 - NVC rec'd petition
    01/12/04 - Petition forwarded to London Embassy
    01/16/04 - London receives file
    01/24/04 - Fiance receives Packet 3

  6. #6
    Thank you. Your response was very helpful.

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