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Thread: Interview

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    My Life legalization case had been transferd from Missouri Service Center on Sept 24 2002 to Chicago INS office, Do anybody knows how long it will take to receive interview letter. Thanks

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    My Life legalization case had been transferd from Missouri Service Center on Sept 24 2002 to Chicago INS office, Do anybody knows how long it will take to receive interview letter. Thanks

  3. #3
    My application was transfered from Missouri to chicago in December of 2001 and I received a interview letter in about 2 months and I was interviewed on march 18th 2002. I haven't heard from them since then and there is no way to find the status of a pending case in chicago office.
    Good luck.

  4. #4
    What did they ask you in the interview at chicago office?
    Did they ask you for more evidence?
    You had been waiting for eight months without
    response after your interview with INS office in chicago, I think you should visit the INS and ask them about your case!

  5. #5
    Yes, I think you should go to INS office in Chicago and ask them about your case!!
    They should Approve or Denise your case in the same day or ask for more evidence..
    what they did tell you after the interview to wait for??

  6. #6
    Thanks for the advise, I would like to visit the INS office in chicago but unfortunately I'm out of town on assignment for the next couple of months. My interview lasted probably few minutes. She asked me how I entered the country and that was the only question I remember. She looked at my file breifely and told me that I'm done and I told her that I was expecting some more questions regarding the citizenship skills, etc. She told me that I'm fine and as soon as the final ruling comes on LIFE I'll hear from them. That was on march 18th and I believe the final ruling came on may 31st. I have three other friends excatly in the same situation and we all are waiting to hear something from INS.

  7. #7
    I forgot to tell you guys that I sent a status request to the Chicago office about 3 months ago and they wrote me back after couple of weeks that my case is being processed and as soon as the decision is made, I'll be notified.

  8. #8
    Did you hire a lawyer to go with you to the interview with INS or you want by yourself.

  9. #9
    No, I didn't hire a lawyer for my interview and I don't think there was a need for one. I spoke to few lawyers about the LIFE LEGALIZATION and found out that they didn't know much about it so I decided to pursue it by myself.

  10. #10
    If the Life Act applicant have strong evidence since 1982, his case will be approved in the interview, if the evidence not strong I think the case will take longer time to process. Did you have strong evidence since 1982 when you went to INS office for interview? Also I think the INS will ask you for a second interview to answear civic question exam.

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