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Thread: u.s interstate checkpoints?

  1. #1
    does anyone know where they all are?
    in the regions of arizona thru to california?

  2. #2
    does anyone know where they all are?
    in the regions of arizona thru to california?

  3. #3
    Sound like your another criminal breaking our laws. Why don't you go back from wherer you came from and smuggle those 12 million illegal alins out of here.
    Thnk You.

  4. #4
    They are on Hiway 5, hiway 15 and hiway 8, Just 50 miles from the borders, its going from "MAX to US" side of HWY, other side is always open.
    The system Called PAL.

  5. #5
    Why do you assume that Roger is trying to smuggle people in? Maybe he is trying to avoid humiliation at those checkpoints? Do you know what happens when a permanent resident or a international student, or a foreign worker on a H1-B visa is stopped there? It happened to me once. Me and my spouse were first screamed at by a big guy with eyes hidden behind sunglasses, and then we were detained for two hours. That was before September 11th, 2001. There was nothing wrong with anybody's status, but INS had outdated records. They did end up apologizing to us, but bad taste in my mouth remains. I don't know about others, but since then, I avoid the checkpoints like a fire and I'm not curious about finding out about their current interrogation methods. Nobody wants to be screamed at or humiliated, or jailed.

  6. #6
    The only reason there are check points established so far away from the border is because there our millions of people who violate our country's soverignty and have no respect for our laws.
    Yes even I was pulled over in San Juan Capostrano, Ca. by the U.S. Border Patrol and I was asked to open the trunk of my car. I'm an 5th generation American who's ancestors immigrated to the U.S.A. legaly back in the late 1860's.
    Was I embarrased? no, I was glad that this B.P. Ageant was doing what he's suppose to be doing, catching law breakers who entered the U.S. illegaly. I just wish that they did a better job than they are doing.

  7. #7
    they let u back in didnt they

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