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Thread: Infertile Woman: Can my hubby get a green card?

  1. #1
    I petitioned for him. Cannot have babies. Please let me know.

  2. #2
    Don't need to have children to obtain green card for him. Is there another question?

  3. #3
    Fertility doesn't have anything to do with immigration matters.

  4. #4
    Sometimes Immigration is suspicious of marriges where the American woman has some kind of disability or is dirt-poor ... they may think the marriage is fake ..

  5. #5
    Sometimes I wonder if the message is true or offend, if its true thats great, but it just sometimes so childish. Its common sense guys, look like someone want to play around here and try to get funny response. What is having a baby and immigration connection? Geshhh.

  6. #6
    I guess so, Me2: even the nick "putamen" is pretty much funny:

  7. #7
    as I said.. every statement can be used against your .... accordingto the court of the Law.

    Officer can question the marriage based on this problem, why someone want to marry her? except GC?
    Someone has to comeup with solid proof and answer which convience officer that marriage is bonafide,

  8. #8
    the original post is a legitimate question

  9. #9
    There is no section in the application process that inquires into your reproductive ca and abilities, so I'm pretty much at a loss, too!

    If you're been married for a long time and have no children, that would raise some suspicion, I'd imagine...

  10. #10
    If I wanted to see so much debating, I'd go sit in a court room!

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