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  1. #21
    Thats a relly 'educated' reply. Now I understand. Thanks angel. Otherwise its a BIG question in my head how these ppl get divorce easily. Sorry, I know its not my business but its just an education , so I will know how things work at other countries.

    So guys up there, I think Angel already gave some good tips and as she said 'DO IT RIGHT AT THE FIRST TIME'. So good luck .

  2. #22
    Although there is no divorce in the Philippines, I got my divorce here, since Im in the US and Ive been separated for my husband since 1996, and he is living with another woman now and we both consented it. My thing is, why waste a lot of time about 2 or more years and a lot of money to get that annullment, if we can get a divorce here right away and lead a normal life. We made a mistake once and we only live once so be happy with that one life and I guess everyone deserves a second chance.

  3. #23
    I fully understand that Grace. Well I'm happy that you guys have a happy life. And I'm agree that why waste time when you can have another wonderful life.

    The concern is only if the 'ex' husband doesn't want to let go of his wife and try to make things difficult. Thats what I mean. But if both parties agreed, then thats okay .

  4. #24
    I got you,but well that i dont know, maybe he or she can consult a lawyer. And may you have a wonderful life too.

  5. #25
    I understand that you successfully did your divorce. However I see in your post the key word "both consented". It is very obvious that your ex husband was involve with someone else which is why there was no difficulties caused by either side. You have to take in consideration that other factor, first is that if you divorce your spouse(ah let say your in california), then the california applies for that matter. If you divorce without his consent, then you can be charged with bigamy under the philippine law and you can get extradited. Your one of the lucky ones, it is not that easy and there are two laws that you have to take in consideration before making any attempts such as getting married without dissolving the current marriage.
    If your state law applies when you divorce and your ex spouse is entitied to but not limited to lets say...alimony etc...then you still need to pay that.

    I know life is too short to be living apart from your love of your life, however this kind of situation truely needs a time and proper processing.

    If you really think about it. Many of the Filipino here in the U.S. one way or the other lied about being married in order to come here. Many of them claimed to be single. If annulment is so easy...why didn't they just to that?

    Its a pretty complicated world out there. Again...."DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME".

  6. #26
    I kind of agree with Me2's first point, I am not at all convinced that getting a divorce in Vegas would really do the trick. Seems to me that you would still be married in Phillipines. I hate to say it, but my gut feeling on the person who came and got a divorce in Vegas then married and filed for adjustment has at least two potential problems: (1) when the marriage comes up at the adj of status interview, the interviewer is liable to realize that the divorce was not effective in the Phillipines and deny the petition; and (2) the BCIS may interpret this as visa fraud since they came over on a tourist visa when their real intent was to marry/immigrate to the U.S. I would definitely check these scheme out with a competent immigration attorney before trying it; it sounds like a "feel good" short-term answer that will land people in trouble down the road.

    I think this point is implicit in Angel's reply to and Angel's advice to "do it right the first time," since Angel did not bother addressing the whole "go to Vegas" scheme.

  7. #27
    OK, that last reply came late and ANgel has now addressed this issue. Am still concerned about it and think Grace ought to get specific legal advice from an attorney (or a second opinion if she already has).

  8. #28
    this is for <Grace>, i want to try the B1/B2, and then get my fiance a divorce in Las Vegas, and marry her like you posted, but she also has a son there too, can you help me, please

  9. #29
    Hi! Do you mean you filed and was granted the divorce when you were already out of visa or an overstay?

  10. #30

    recognition of foreign divorce in ph possible.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;170344
    Well, that's tough one. FYI, there's no Divorce in the Philippines since it's dominantly a catholic country. Second, getting an annulment is not easy either because you have to prove that the marriage was fraud from very beginning.
    you can as a philippine citizen have your american divorce to an american recognized in philippines in 6months to a year. if married to a philippina and divorce in usa the american can sometimes file a fiancee visa if the fiancee has a nso saying single. he does not need do a seperate philippine annulment unless he wants marry in philippines

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