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  1. #11
    To all the USC loosers marring foreign alien. Get some professional help and don't do it.
    Deport illegal aliens.


  2. #12
    "loosers"? What's that?

  3. #13
    Hey meathead? It's LOSER, learn how to spell you imbecile. While you're at it grow a brain, you have no idea what you're talking about.

  4. #14
    Mark, it is true that there is no Divorce in the Philippines, and she needs to get annulment, and based on my experience she won't have any problem to get annulled her marriage since her husband did abandon her for 4-5 yrs. However, she must need to talk to an attorney over there in this regard since attorney can find some way to get around this problem whether someone like or not. I have known lots of philippino people who were able to get annulment of their marriages even though they were separated only for 1 year and their spouses were nowhere to find.

    I highly doubt it that she would be able to come over here on B-1/ B-2, so that she can obtain divorce in Las Vegas or any other State across the U.S., but if she can come somehow then no problem to obtain divorce over here. You are lucky to have filippina, since filippina women are nice, good hearted and very,very caring & loving person. I hope you will take good care of her since I always believe- TO LOVE AND BE LOVED...

  5. #15
    that's true there is no divorce in the Philippines that is why the country's in a deep trouble. i'm just wandering why the priest are having a good time with the girls while the people like you are suffering.if you are a filipino and single planning to migrate to U.S don't get married there, learn from the priest OK!

  6. #16
    In my case I'm presently here in U.S. through working visa. Before I left Philippines my marriage been problematic. Now I met someone here and felt she's the right woman for me. My problem now is how to divorce my first wife before I can marry again without going back to the Philippines? Is there anyway to do it here in U.S. instead. Please help.

  7. #17
    What you need to do, is go file a divorce and send the papers to the Philippines and let her sign it, or a no contest divorce, you just need to publicize it, and bingo, you're divorced and you can get married here in US, without going back to the Phils and you know there is no divorce there and annullment cost a lot of money and will take a while for them to be approved. By the way which state are you? Im here in Vegas, and it only takes me 5 days to take the divorce, that is after you send the papers to the Phils. and mailed it back here. Well, good luck!!!

  8. #18
    i don't know. don't marry right away guys. you just wasting your time.. you will marry and then you will get devorce. think about it first before you will marry. be sure if you love him/er.ha!ha !ha! you are funny americans!!! just find the filipina women to be your lawful wife and for sure if you treating her like a queen she will stay in your asssssss.or find me.

  9. #19

    Is it acceptable for the marriage which took at Phils and get the divorced paper from US? Is Phils law accept that? I don't know about Phils, but as I know, when you married in a certain countries, you also have to have a divorced paper from that countries where you get married,so its not like a 'CONFLICT'.

    Just imagine, you married in Phils, your divorced paper in United States. Therefore, many other ppl from the world can get married in other countries then just file divorce where ever they are. I think this only work for the sake of 'formality' to show its a divorce, but I believe in that country or their law, its not legal. And I believe in your country you are considered still legally married to someone else. But as far as your 'ex' doesn't bother to bring this up you might be safe right?

    I don't know, I'm not from Phils and I don't know your marriage and divorce law there. But it doesn't make sense that you can get married in one place and divorce at other place (specially different law and different country). May be Phils is different, I don't know, correct me if I'm wrong.

  10. #20
    Again, there is no divorce in the philippines! Second, once you get married, the person's marriage record goes to NSO(National Statistic office). The U.S. Consulate in the philippines widely depend on the record that is kept by the NSO and NBI(National Bereau of Investigation) therefore when the embassy required you to submit papers such as NBI clearance or CERNOMAR(certificate of No marriage) in the case of Fiancee, it would show she is married. However once the marriage is annulled then that person can show the annulment papers to contradict that record.

    One must make sure all this is in place before attempting any move to the embassy stage, not only will prolong it but it could trigger a misrepresentation. It is quite evident that there are ways to do it, but in my opinion, it would be best if one get the fact from the governmental offices that are involved in such matter. I would start with the philippines since she will be providing all of that paperworks.

    Good luck to you and Just to add...."Do it right the first time"

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