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Thread: is dangerous

  1. #1
    Guest's website argues FOR codependency !! As if people like us need such advice !

    This is the worst marriage board i have ever seen.

    What are the thoughts on this ?

  2. #2
    hey man ...

    thanks for giving that info ... let me check the website now... didnt know before...

  3. #3
    Michael, please take that pea sized intellect of yours and shove it up your a-s-s. I have never and I mean never(well maybe a little exaggerated) come across such an immature and pathetic t-w-a-t like you. Please stop your inane posts as no one is interested in your c-r-p-p-y attempts to be matched for a date with the "thing from the black lagoon"

  4. #4
    Paddy..please remember Michaels' heart was broken - this is a way of him getting rid of his anger and pain - no one takes his posts seriously - frankly, sometimes when I read what he write - I break out in peels of's sublime

  5. #5
    Michael is Michael .... I never take his post seriously except 1 where he p i s s e d me really o f f .... And I had to answer in his language (way) so he can understand my point coz if I replied in my way he wouldn't understand at all...Otherwise I just take it as a joke ... I thanked him coz he showed me that website ... it's a very good website...

  6. #6
    My philosophy is that you can glean from a website what you are interested in learning. In Michael's case, and understandably so, he may have lost faith in the whole concept of marriage - and so for him perhaps the information appears to be a farce, He'll come around in time though - he just needs to see that all marriages are not like his was.

  7. #7
    Well you know no matter what any marriage is hard ... I haven't seen a single couple without a problem ... there are problems one or other way all the time ... its not even marriage just simple relationship with BF and GF .... But when marriage comes then it becomes even harder coz of lot of expectation, feelings of showing right on other and taking other partner as granted .... So its kinda hard .... And anyone who wants to stay in marriage ... he/she got to work real hard ...specially in such country where financial independence is common and everywhere now if Michael really wants to help him ... here there is no joke ... probably I can do that....but only if he wants ....

  8. #8

    You are right about the work required to make any reltionship good. It's like anything - job, business - maintenance of equipment - it requires constant service and f you slack off, someone - a competitor - or something will crop up and will get the edge - no different in marriage.

  9. #9
    yep that is so true ... specially in this country ... in 3rd world countries ... nothing like that... married couple that are not happy with each other ... just for sake of society and relatives ... they live their whole life together and die .... but here if you missed one thing ... that's it ... u r out ... its kinda Continuing Education Program

  10. #10
    Well, Pasha, dear - I know you are a night owl - but it's past my bedtime - must get up with the crows and open the coffee shop for our loyal java addicts. Besides, at my age I need all the beauty sleep I can get.

    So, nightie-nite! See you around tomorrow.

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