Seeking Pro Bono or Commission based Attorny for Deported Wife's Immigration and Civil Rights for Abuse by Customs

I'm new to the discussion board. I have been seeking legal assistance for my wife. She was deported over a year ago to Brazil on a return flight to LAX for overstaying her tourist visa. They said she was an intending immigrant and kept her in custody for three days. During this time, she was verbally and sexually harassed by the male guards and mocked and denied water by the female guard. The immigration officer in charge of her case led her away from the cameras down a hallway and tried to grope her before she ran away. Shortly after he laughed at her as he told her she would be deported.

The female guard denied her water and laughed at her for being on her period in the same bloody underwear for three days. She ended up developing a urinary tracy infection and was taken to the hospital. The ambulance and doctor bill resulted in over $5,000 of expenses which could have easily been prevented if the guards had treated her like a human being.

It has been very difficult for my wife and I being separated. I am close to moving out of the US to go live with her in Brazil until her immigration issues are resolved. We will have enough money to live off as my boss was kind enough to allow me to work remotely, but won't have enough money to pay for proper representation. It hurts my wife and I greatly that this injustice was done to our family. We humbly request assistance from a pro bono attorney who can help file complaints and damages against the customs officers who harmed her. We will gladly share a percentage of the proceeds from a victory.

Please help my family become reunited where we began and help us to repair the damage done.