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    Hi Maximu,

    On November 6, they took my fingerprints and picture. They told me I will recieve my EAD in 1 or 2 months. The next day I check my case statuts online and they said I was approved. On November 11 I received my EAD card on the mail (just a week after!). Tomorrow I am going to ask for a SS number (that may take 2 weeks if my name is already in the system). Like you, I am in the process of AOS thru marriage. I live in NY, but this kind of applications are being processed all in Missouri (so I guess it will take the same amount of time).

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    Hi, Guys. I applied for AOS in NYC thruogh marriage about a month ago and still have not received anything, not even receipt for payment. Do you think this is normal?What was your time frame?

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    I prepared and sent everything personally.

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    I sent by certified mail. I checked USPS website and it says that it was delivered.

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    It took us 2 months to get a notice from them in Atlanta, but we knew it got there we sent it by cerified mail and we got the return receipt.

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    What office are you dealing with? I went to the TX office. I filed in Sept. and got called for my work Dec and went in and answered a few questions and only took a print of one finger and they took my picture and I got my card on the spot while I waited.
    Then I went back for fingerprints in February.
    So not sure why you didn't get yours right away.

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    actually maximu76, I have the same problem as you do. I went for my fingerprinting on the 3rd of November. It has been almost a month and I still havent gotten anything in the mail yet. They told me as they told you that it will arrive in the mail but they didnt know when. So I called them last week and they just told me to keep waiting. So I dont know, I am thinking about calling them again sometime this week. Let me know how your case goes.

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    actually I got confused. I don't think my fingerprinting was for the work authorization. I think it was for my AOS, but i had my picture taken for my work authorization on Nov.3 and I still havent gotten my EAD. Anybody in the same situation? or does anybody know what might be the cause for such an unusual wait for EAD?

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