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Thread: A little advice could save us from worrying too much

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    A little advice could save us from worrying too much

    Thank you ladies and gentle for keeping this forum alive and meaningful, i and my wife have been reading through this forum , we have learnt so much and it has also encouraged us in many ways
    However we have few concerns
    We got married 27th May 2016. and have been together, we filed for adjustment of status on 21 September 2016 . Interview was granted on 28th Nov. 2017
    The officer was truly strict with his questions and we answered truthfully to the best of our knowledge, the interview lasted for about 50 mins -55m , luckily all his questions was the true things we honestly know about each other ..We also submitted all evidence showing our union is legitimate ..we provided our joint documents, bills ,bank statements, lease documents, etc . Honestly we did our best to gather as much joint paper work as we possibly could ..but in the end it seems there was some omitted document such as my wife birth certificate ,the officer specifically told us all we will have to provide , which included our car insurance documents, more wedding pictures etc , he also stated he want us to present an affidavits stating why my wifeís name was not included in our 2016 lease , although we gave reasons verbally but he insist we provide all the detailed further documents.
    However our 2017/2018 lease document has her names and signatures on it and it was included . Official letter to this effect came in the mail and through our attorney we sent off this documents as early as December 2017 as was requested by the USCIS .
    Since then we have been looking forward for a decision on our case ,our marriage is legitimate, I love my wife and I know she loves me too ...we are a bit worried as we havenít had anything since our lawyer submitted all the required follow up evidence . I donít know if any one has been in such a situation before and what is likely or could be the reasons for the silence , we understand they are professionals and we trust in their ability in doing their job , we have also read in many places that itís always good to allow them do their job , which I agree totally ..but we are just simple family and humans we are only worried and feeling so left out ... thanks friend for reading through ..

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    Stop thinking too much about trifle things and focus on what really makes you happy. Like shopping or traveling?

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