You had previously helped me getting my green card(History below).Now ,I am a naturalized US citizen. I am planning to sponsor green card for my parents who do not have birth certificate. I485 requires a birth certificate.

My parents are naturalized Canadan citizens and originally Indian Citizens My dad was born on 7/13/1948 in Karachi,Pakistan and mum was born in 11/23/1948 in Tharushah, Pakistan. The family moved to India 5-6 after their were born. They do not have a birth certificate.

The birth dates and place of birth are correct on their Indian passport that are now revoked as they become Canadian citizen. Unfortunately, my mum's Canadian Passport country of Birth is listed as India instead of Pakistan. I am getting an affidavit from a relative in India stating they were born in Pakistan.

Is the above enough to satisfy birth certificate requirement for I485?