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Thread: Need your prayers (lockedup after going to Registration)

  1. #1
    hello guys one of my friend is lockedup . he went for registration / and now he is lockedup in the county jail . this guy has 4 kids .please i ask everyone here . no matter what faith or religion . please pray for him and i will do it as well . the ins didn't set a bail yet , but please pray for this guy and i will keep u guys updated . with this .

    god bless america .

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    IF you know his case history please post it. there may be an answer to it.

  3. #3
    I really am so sorry to hear about your friend. You can be sure that I will keep him, his children and his loved ones in my prayers. God Bless you Immigrant for being there for your friend. He truly is lucky to have you.

    I wish all of you the best of luck and please, do keep us updated. I hope and pray to hear good news from you next time.

    May God Be With All Of You!

  4. #4
    he is been living here for about 20 years now . he came here on a business visa and overy stayed like everyone else does

    and during sometime his stay .he applied for political assylum ( he was single ) and livin with room mates and moved without a change of addresss and finaly . he get a notice from the
    INS to show up for a hearing and since that he moved and no one informed him or forward his mail or he didn't do a change of address . ( he don't know much about ins and his lawyer at that time was not too bright )...
    he thought since he got no notice from ins all that time ( the case has been dismissed or still in process) and lawyer that he had went out of business. or no longer practice immmigration law .

    he filed for labor cert 245i and when the time came for registration he went in like all of us did ...
    and got detained simply because he didn't show up for his hearing . and he was shocked and his attorney as well . because to his best knowledge he was not aware of this ... and they told em that since he was not at the hearing the judge ruled against him .and he was put in to proceding . and was issued deportation ...

    my question is this >. he is now married and have 3 usc kids . and his wife is not an LPR or USC . .

    what choices does he have ?
    as of now he is in county jail Newyork .
    without a bail or a hearing ..

    can someone help . if someone can just pray for him that will be kind enufff .

    thanks white female . god bless . we need more Americans like you . if you ever get a chance to
    run for president i will for sure vote for you


  5. #5
    You can almost make a sure bet that would be an instant assination by my own people, LOL. But believe me, if I was chosen as president, I would do everything in my power to keep these families together. I have seen nothing but good for this nation from the immigrants in which I have had contact with and still do have contact with. They are very intelligent, hard working people in which sacrifice so much of themselves and their own lives. I have so much respect for them.

    My friend, I do hope that someone here will be able to give you some very helpful advice in which will help you and your friend. I truly can feel your hurt and concern.

    Please know that my heart really does go out to you, your friend, and his family. I will keep all of you in my prayers and will be waiting to hear good news from you.

    Please, take care and God Bless!

  6. #6
    To White Female:
    Thanks a lot for devoting you time and sympanthy for immigrants. You are really a kind hearted American Woman. We all are very thankful to you for your wisdom and love for everybody.

    To Immigrant:
    In this case, you will really have to find a good Immigration Lawyer. Since he is here for last 20 years and has been filing Tax Returns, he may get Cancellation of Deportation from Immigration Judge because of his USC children and paying regular taxes.
    This is really a tough situation for you and his family.
    May God bless you all and show a way to get him out of this problem.

  7. #7
    he is been paying taxes all that time he was here , and also .. he has 3 kids that go to school here and love this country . since its their . country of birth.
    we got a very good lawyer for him . and he is trying to get an urgent hearing for him . instead of 10 to 20 days ..
    and he has no criminal record or anything .
    he payed his taxes . and also help many other people here . please god bless you umesh and everyone else specially my friend white female .
    god bless you .

  8. #8
    This really does mean so much to me. I also feel the same.

    May God Always Be With You!

  9. #9
    Your friend has probably a deportation order against him, that is why is being detained. They may hold him until they make their minds to send him back -- but they can also set bond on him, not that strange.

  10. #10

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