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Thread: Naturalization question, confusion, contradictory information?N400 instructions vs the naturalization guide(?!?)Please answer. Thank You.

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    It's weird that whenb you look in the instructions form for N400, it doesn't say that you need to add (attach other papers), but when you look in the naturalization guide, it says to attach accounts that show both names(husband and wife), iunsurance, or anything the husband and wife may have togethere(leases, etc.).
    Suppose that someone would just follow the n400 instructions, without reading the guide. They wouldn't know that they need to attach these rest of the papers.
    So? Attach or not attach?
    Is this immigration confusing people or it is just me who is confused?


  2. #2
    I wish I knew how to answer this,but I don't.

  3. #3
    will anyone respond to this post(the topic)
    Should u just fill out the n400, or should you attach other documents with it?
    Thank you.

  4. #4
    I figured it out. Thanks for your response.

  5. #5
    attach as many documents as necessary. As an alien petitioner, the "burden of proof" lies upon you meaning that even if the slightest evidence is missing (such as a minor parking ticket, it is your responsibility to prove that you paid that $35 fine).

    If you don't, it can tremondeously (or not) stagger the process. So if you want it to go quickly, it's best to attach rather too many than not enough evidence.

    Good luck!

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