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Thread: married, illegal?

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    Hello, I'm married with a US citizen. We got married a year ago, before 9-11, al this time a have been here with a tourist visa, and we realized that just give me permition to stay for six months. And we haven't any kind of paper work. I can go back to my country 'cause i got married without my parents bleesing, and now they don't want to know anything with me. So my husband is only person i have. What can we do, so that i don't get forced to go back?

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    if your married, then you should be able to adjust your status, but if you leave the US, you will be banned from returning for a length of time, over 180days is two years, contact your congressman who should be able to tell you for sure, but dont worry, im sure you will be able to adjust your status

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    One of things that you'll need is your birth certifcate. Make sure you have that because that was the only thing I don't have with me and need to ask my brother for help. You'll need a copy for filing and the original during the interview.

    Best wishes

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    If you're married to an American Citizen and apply for adjustment of status, the INS will "overlook" the fact that you overstayed your time here. Whatever you do, don't leave the country without having adjusted your status because that will mean that you will be barred from entering the USA for a couple of years. Good luck!

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    Here are the forms you need for an AOS:

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    Thank you!, for all your help with my case.
    My husband and me really appreciate all your advises. They are very helpfull.
    I will right back and let you know how everything worked out. Let me know e-mail addresses so I can thank you personally.
    God bless you !

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