I hope you can help me I have a situation

I was admitted in the U.S on 16 Dec 1996, I was given a 6 month to stay , I was still under the age of 18
On 25 June 1997 I haveattained the age 18.
On 04/1998, I got marriedand on 08 June 1998, I filled an application I-130 and I-485 ,
I was called for fingerprint and done that , I was called to attend an interview on 09/15/1999.
Unfortunately my lawyer send a letter to immigration and Naturalization services that I wish to withdraw my application for adjustment of status and that I left the country on 09/01/1999 , He did not inform me that I had an appointment . INS denied my application for adjustment of status and for LPR since I did not show up. on 24 Nov 1999

On 20 Sep 1999 , I left the U.S

I got divorced and never went back to the U.S

I recently applied for a Non Immigrant visa and I was asked to furnish proof of Lawfull stay in the U.S
I requested my file and I want to send it to the U.S consulate

My question
My stay expired on 06/16/19996 and I filled for adjustment of status as a spouse of immediate relative , does this cancel my unlawful presence in the U.S and based on what ?

Please send me your comments

Thank you for all your input